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  • 00:00: Hello dear dear friends my subscribers channel and all who watching my channel Today I will do homemade oil from home-made sour cream for this I took 700 grams of home sour cream home sour cream should somehow stand still in the fridge of the day two three four can a week and here it is should be a little bit start already
  • 00:30: dense here with us such sour cream a bit so thick already and this sour cream is not make a homemade oil as I do homemade oil is it is very simple if anyone did not see did not know probably thinks that it's hard to do home Here and there is no
  • 01:00: there is no difficulty here take a spoon and razminaesh razminaesh you knead like this you know what we'll see we will have turn out can be wooden
  • 01:35: do it with a spatula you can even directly with her hands now she my sour cream turn like curd pasta for 40 becomes similar yellow creature fat
  • 02:06: as if in everything on we will give it away sticks of course style you turned out
  • 02:38: no, with time begins to separate from sour cream your whey oil from whey start
  • 03:11: separate liquid starts appear you still have to interfere Makar with clean hands we knead you see
  • 03:56: whey already is already with us there is almost butter already oil appeared in this serum we need merge now we will join a clean jar of it can be cooked very delicious pancakes can be
  • 04:26: in the bread put on Tahrir you cook well you can bake here we already have here oil appeared here now we need that's what's in this oil serum does not it was clean oil as we will
  • 04:56: detach remaining serum of oil for this purpose we have a crane cold water skip the cold water is extremely water very good she spring variety Siamese well blue warrior we are called directly from the tap drink water that's pure good water very cold
  • 05:28: choose our tableware that's right there we take cold can now in this water
  • 06:03: we will be directly ours butter knead that the whole serum to clean oil is nothing left with her nothing with him is not will be with oil not be afraid if you are the same way prepare several I change two times three three
  • 06:34: these many things are the water I poured out but you can absolutely some whey kicks too for us to collect something for nothing We did not lose
  • 07:05: consider the volume what are we pouring out
  • 07:47: almost now still stretching to the remaining water here all this water came out we need to merge here our oil is ready practically serum at all a little came to nothing 100 probably from 700 grams of sour cream it was almost butter sour cream now I am with
  • 08:18: form I will form my oil I will put the carnival and put freezer what cooled down after it can be done just like this eat with left on breakfast pastries you can put as well can be made melted I'll give you the oil next video
  • 08:52: show how I'm from home made butter oil melted and anthoron and most the present excellent melted oil is obtained only with home sour cream from home oil is such an oil it turned yellow delicious May oil is a month there are oil on it
  • 09:22: very good quality yellow very good melted oil is obtained next time you show how I do it but so far my friends have my subscribers channel and all who watching my channel if you like video put like that write comments but bye-bye