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Very tasty Proteinaceous and Maslyanny cream.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I will do protein oil cream a mastic for this I need 3 squirrel 240 grams of sugar 70 1 ml of water packet of vanilla sugar and tea-March 1 spoon lemon acid and floor kilogram oil
  • 00:30: cream unsalted I first put in micro and oil you I am bringing it to a soft state and then mixer vzobyu it in lush lather instructions
  • 01:00: until I oil I warmed up divide eggs divide neatly
  • 01:34: that we yolk hit protein at the moment I
  • 02:27: yolks I do not need an oven I'm not going to them I throw just Oil I
  • 03:07: I warmed up softness here and so it is enough for me for such cream This is not enough will whisk until white then everything is pretty
  • 03:39: I pour water add sugar and here I turn on turn high apiece the charge of whipped proteins on average speed syrup boiled and I
  • 04:21: proteins for surfing all high It was the fly
  • 05:29: and now we add pedal pier one of one-fourth Well hang to everyone is talking we are no longer here a little thin try not to
  • 06:02: fall Kirov m long drive in networks
  • 06:43: Tokyo prior to
  • 08:31: mark So he wound Now whisk see how it all my cream ready protein protein cream fully ready and now I will give him cool and then I will has led oil portions here are Now I'm starting to cream almost always not nearly as
  • 09:01: this cream I I start to work if I have to say draw some cake You see what keeps It has a very good very good and relief somehow I was asked
  • 09:36: why I did not that I after cream 5 stood as minutes later he began bubbles protein cream is just okay when you need to the next portion precisely this the next portion, and you Intermedia and enter only not with a mixer and spoon otherwise, you will cream interrupting mixer not interfere with spoon about let's here with
  • 10:08: edge as you need or postponed in the cup and Intermedia and sign up smoothness and all and continue to work in try to bag small gain portions if you let's work slowly it is better just if pouch
  • 10:38: bags will be small cream to you it could quickly expend I did a little bit like this here to promeshivaya it is faster to cool down basically protein-custard it cools down very fast but in principle I
  • 11:33: already Now I have it back I connect my site code I add immediately oil portion and consists of a high add speed la cream tony g you
  • 12:11: because the level marketing surname churn if you do like is beating mass launch small volume blame how good to beat him
  • 12:42: after all You see what cream I get it promeshivaya from the bottom of the cup to all I had a uniform and again Now I put the beads
  • 13:19: All the cream is ready important to olives whipped butter was not So I like the warm usually the case for
  • 13:49: oil cream but little did poprohladnee and give protein custard sometimes cream here is a straying that's chic cream which I'm going to which will be applied Now apply instead of ganache on cake every next meeting