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  • 00:00: everyone wanted me today subscribers crafts street have for you the African you asked all People have asked me apply has here is made with mass Paper is very decorative It is also extremely economical makes It took me a bit to finish because I live in a climate where it is a little
  • 00:30: cold and the club is a little crazy abc hot to be cold and so that cost me a bit but I know what It is finished and now share with all of you and I hope you all likes I hope that everyone comments on the part of I say down their holdings African because it is the first time I an African so it is please down to tell me it has seemed this African Now I'm going to leave with materials and step by step and used
  • 01:00: hunger and pliers to cut the wire glue paper scissors or Cut a piece of cardboard brushes something one with soft bristles and another rocket anteojo dough egg carton lot and acrylic lacquer and these are the Indian painting white black red ea emerald green turquoise blue A
  • 01:34: only 60 feet meters gold and brown Teddy Now I see you with step by step the first thing we will do is form He is the backbone of our African I assisted in this picture but I I have not set because in the end I think you do not need what they measure the size where I'll put the waist where the hips will head so
  • 02:04: and good thing I do is to measure the size and where there will arm height I'll try to put another piece of wire and also the height hip was not necessary because I did not make her feet but I'll put the hip height and one piece of reinforcing wire and this way I have formed the skeleton My African having the skeleton formed what we do is cover
  • 02:38: our African paper I cut strips and I am placing first and small strips and thus also finite in arms I will put very little very little role for him being able to later q cover with the dough and not me remain so thick'm going to IRLE body shaping women as I'm getting nothing but paper chest and put them well and the
  • 03:08: places where the race has since I put full sheet because it move further and faster your work and then we will let it I know that Once you dried what I'll do is stuck to glue will put dough egg carton will go He replenished and African and me going having its body shaped body woman then I'll apply a small
  • 03:38: layer throughout your body and I will modeling throughout your body putting his chest back also in hips I have no arms to put him I'm going to do in this part but I aa African modeling go so that way up until you have the texture you must have a body not then always putting glue to make
  • 04:09: this and remember this work and also the race is quite bulky and not forget to put a little more on the It has neck drying the body so that I will give my head and I will put first glue and then a little napkin and then over napkin I'll put dough egg carton shaping of After the way I was head has given hands had no molds usually they have a mold but I did not then eye I used a pin
  • 04:41: and can you use you you may use any flat object It has also used the tip of a brush and the nostrils It has also used the same pin to form flat nose so I've done is raise it a little and then crushed tip down and lips He has also used the pin and so fingers and I'll pin giving the face shape and now it let dry head African
  • 05:12: to be the amphora that leads to that I put the African I took a piece of paper and then wrapped mass egg carton First I put glue then I'm giving form and the top and bottom I've put a little bit of age or and mouth shape and background Then I put the house and so and let dry Now the next thing I'll do is put the blouse she was wearing then what we'll do is take a
  • 05:46: piece of dough egg carton'm going to kill and I'll hit him first I will glue and I'll be giving so then I'll cut with a scissors and I'll let it dry and now I'll make the deadlines given for it has also glue and put it It is simply put the paper mass and knead and now plays put the clothier I did not do as ear What I did was put this scarf covering pretty much of the expensive I put glue first and then
  • 06:16: mass will put the first layer and then I'll put another layer but I'm going to put the second as wrinkled and so I will be putting to cover everything and the scarf will stay nice and let it dry other accessory will be the choker and bracelets bearing such wide If your doll has some imperfection you can put just a little more pointed with glue and you can extend to that imperfection is corrected and no faith is seen in the word Lusa in part
  • 06:47: I back what I did was give as a small carriage will not paste the amphora let itself over his shoulder African for it will use a little glue in man and African hand and I will hold for a while until are fastened to hold the wrist and stay standing that that is a base cardboard cut three circles I have stuck with glue and then they circle threw a hole in
  • 07:17: the middle then once I this building I caught the wire tip me my African 'stuck' introduced into this circle and then it is filled with paper or cardboard or if you have a piece of dough egg carton you do not forgive then you can also make and then also the outside when it has dried the inside massa filling also must
  • 07:47: egg carton and the shore All I not put it in the background so you do not lose shape and good one Once you finish this I'll do is let them know and now I will moderate hands well I like being healthier is very monkey formable what it is used splinter then fingers have done with help of a boxcutter anything that has to rule tip having edged forgiveness you can do and
  • 08:18: In the same way I'll do the other hand I had to dress African but did not like this is that I'm doing another and this other the made in the following way cut pieces of dough egg carton have you put glue and put him first cut dough pieces cardboard egg and then I'm hitting the one and plugging one by a bun Falcon 1 covering the other and so I will be my skirt at the end of making the skirt
  • 08:51: what I did was cut another piece more small as always take care of their Grandpa and waist I made as if it were a belt attaching skirt with blouse give color cardboard mass egg what it has done is give you a cremita color after after this Color legacy cremita a white base because this painting is not I crafts and African for he is well painted white die when it has dried white what Next I'm going to do is paint the my African dress I caught a
  • 09:22: piece of sponge on it from one side opposite an emerald green and the other the turquoise and what I'm doing is African touches to give in each one of the flights and thus will go blurring colors and I will go insisting places where no get this I'm going to do all and each of flights I also want to show otherwise you can do to paint
  • 09:55: thus to give these tones and for example if you up I have emerald green and down I have the turquoise also I will put my sponge but I'll make a line dress and then I'll give you the highlights been so it diffuses it fades faster faster and truth remains better and easier as you I said we're going to do with all the and also dress the part is top dress
  • 10:26: so let's give up toquecitos blur everything and now it 's paint Skin loses the wrist wrist and has caught a skin tone Sulu it is for this type of dolls and I will give two dads handkerchief I have
  • 10:57: painted with turquoise blue tone bracelets and necklace I've painted with the golden amphora and Indian painted with a red hue to the basis given him a gray eye I will use black and white brown and what I will do first is to give a background of white when dried white let to define the eye area with black and just take the brush
  • 11:27: eye and let's make some lines buoy lips with a red paint I pretty intense and I will give two layers to note also well the base will give it a little water white a play and will then be removed for that looks like a stone tell them what It happened with the flavors MD I focused the camera then explain to them for in what I did it was for the from inside the eye made him a
  • 11:59: black ball and then above sauna Brown Now I'm giving a little white spot to give light Well I want to tell you something eh I had made a dress for first So what will you see in the video is converted done and then you I did the other because the other did not like then good change what you They want to give soy doll is optional In addition , the dress is made easy after giving all of cápitas
  • 12:29: ashton acrylic varnish to your wrist is and how it looks is very nice and you ready to decorate any corner of your house for resale or give it away I want to drop you doing this manualidad that if you make it com after the photo for more people you can see that you have been able to make I also want to ask everyone you who regales me the air always Please remember to comment on what I said to see what you thought you this African follow on social networks and
  • 13:00: those who have not subscribed to do so what is free I will tell you now and will be until bye bye next tour yal the flagstones