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  • 00:00: let's open the box portion back or come here has a sanchis all we are going to remove this part also we will remove the glass as this will not we need it and here we will stick our cost fabric would look
  • 00:35: and nothing else close now We begin with the following to be cut the plastic bottle and cut with scissors will be something something like this and now we cut half is also cut the top and it's going to stay that way
  • 01:06: now with a pencil we will draw all that will be around we did cut our bottle plastic and this will cut scissors then it will be something we will obviously also cut the excess of the top and we will also cut a piece of cardboard the size
  • 01:36: the bottom so we will do everything around going to be this way millennium already also placed in the bottom if They may also want to put here The top That's because your decision We'll let the paint dry
  • 02:10: full and then let's stick coffee beans I will start well for the part of we will put up coffee beans this part down so now let's go beating all grains in our cup but with this
  • 02:40: part that has the hairline to above in this way we will be placing this I will do it with glue White I'll put a little bit and let's go accommodating coffee beans struggles in the bottom of our house will do the same thing
  • 03:21: We did at the top with wench glue gun hit the granites coffee with smooth edge up cuidadito have much to do this so they will not burn glue and spit will varnishing our cup of coffee This is optional but because this will give more protection to the design or
  • 03:54: less in the middle cans ah because they saw that opens a
  • 04:29: coffee grains and with that we will form what will be the steam of our cup of hot coffee with glue White will form a kind of that I will make three the center will be larger than the others and there
  • 05:02: we will arrange the pieces of coffee Now what I'll do is add an extra decoration on the part of down my cup I use cinnamon stick and go Put in this way but you They can decorate their picture of the way they want
  • 05:32: for example they could put in the part below also coffee beans That's because your taste so was our cup of coffee third dimension as you see looks very nice and because I hope there will I liked this idea for use by
  • 06:02: in decorating your kitchen or we are dining in an upcoming video dances