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  • 00:00: Hello cupola Now I'm back with you and today I want to share with you its corona recipe dumpling which I did not test I said in a proud he has a small Well the secret start we need 2 eggs flour and water vegetable oil my grade course than particularly like
  • 00:31: me this recipe that is perfect verified healer classes to test us need four cups or four any important capacity so that the liquid merilis same Now then here are four these vessels pour all of classics as expected
  • 01:09: First Come on then, we recess solim teaspoon salt need and big secret secret thing is we take three quarters water one quarter adding
  • 01:39: vegetable oil and oil must take refined before dawn on cleansed in Generally odorless that we use cooking here such amount of oil it to you all stir and fill it as it should be in seredinochku seredinochku knead here to we neatly all turned It will now have I'm just so used
  • 02:11: There are people who slaughtered immediately I just ease first love a little egg Beat even the same the girl herself, and that's Now the process Mixing You You see how precisely calibrated because the proportion of flour intervenes all who knows the variables
  • 02:41: the dough is usually and such laminates some flakes as the remnants remain which then nowhere so you will not put here at that in such proportions batter interferes with all It turns it and is ideal for density and consistency Besides vegetable oil It gives such elasticity and dough you can tell quite thin and it without breaks and
  • 03:11: taste it It is a much nicer than usual dough no oil here It has almost everything was involved here, these Delivery I I say but this case, they are now all we leave here we start it knead if This emphasis on the eat butter gives
  • 03:44: such additional such elasticity how to run Agility is the dough so what else is good when we were with him you it will lie down we have half an hour and when you roll sculpt dumplings dumplings that year that anything to roll possible without flour
  • 04:14: it does not stick to table almost stick to the rolling pin you see quietly leaving these here balances and here as you can see test almost all rainfall and we chose still not homogeneous and its We need more vymeshivat I cut into pieces to
  • 04:45: it was just easier convenient hand knead a small a piece of the greater themselves for a piece of it here not yet uniform can you and hindering and forgotten to tell the water we not added cold and almost that is very hot very warm for what in order to gluten is contained in flour
  • 05:15: quickly dispersed and I came to the linked As it is, you usually you see when do the test for a long time We have to wait to achieve its consistency and how usually happens dough He lies down and becomes more liquid and so if you fill up hot water then it immediately acquires the density and do not need then add the flour Now available from us
  • 05:46: Here is such a lump test here about kilogram or 300 Kiev Now you can put in the bag and Half an hour later you get Gorgeous Text to change chebureks a little you something another sleight I wish happiness
  • 06:17: bon appetit sculpt dumplings together with us subscribe to our channel