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Decorative flower hook. Master class. DIY Bulk flower crochet fans

Decorative flower hook. Master class. DIY Bulk flower crochet fans  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman my name is Oksana and I glad to see you at its channel in the video I'll show you master class as crochet here Flowers are a flourishes master class show an example of this here flower as you can see it flourishes with the floor
  • 00:30: petals and flower petals but a three-layer Despite this, he fit-job thread so cute 3 floret light on sandwich we Today will be with you knit really knitted flowers very easy and here the same flower as the nose You see linked from monochromatic yarn Here's a color
  • 01:00: red flower like a rose so he looks to the reverse side it is connected from yarn coco These are the flowers we Today will be with you learn to knit I hope you like my master class so colors gel Hall of yarn Cotton tropicana it tricolor number 125 if someone needs
  • 01:33: is 50 grams and 50 Two hundred and twenty grams five meters of the composition 45 percent and 55 feet percent bamboo or conversely Hook number one and a half to you It sees better across the screen as I see I'll knit in 2 thread since the yarn is very thinly do that way magic ring air Collar
  • 02:04: 2 more air Air loops 3 loops replace us 1 with a single column sc and now Twenty-knit ring three columns with one this is the first sc column 2, and so on knit twenty-three column 1 nakida 3 aerial loops is twenty the fourth column Now I knit
  • 02:43: Twenty-three column Now tighten thread here she is seriously delayed of yarn is very coco easily delayed so tightened the noose finish number connective introduce a song third hook loop 3 stitches and We begin design next row recruit 11 Eastern loops
  • 03:15: is now following loop here it is following exactly close but the following knit 1 column without nakida here so now 10 air recruit loops and do sc
  • 03:50: I start licking in a third loop knit column 1 and sc still here with the same column one sc in the following loop knit with 3 column one sc 1 the second column column 3 now
  • 04:21: the following loop also knit 3 column one sc and so knit to the end chains except
  • 04:51: last eyelet So I dovyazala up
  • 06:02: last eyelet there was one loop and knit and in the following way column one nakida here in this same song floor bar one here and sc same column, without sc ie knit as scheme that you Now you see in screen so we tied overturn work and on look here she is on
  • 06:32: chain 11 stitches her we start to knit column without nakida January 2 column without nakida 3 4 5 2 and 6, more air Now tabs
  • 07:02: overturn job post with sc in first loop on the following loop two columns with one sc the following loop also with two columns one sc the following loop
  • 07:37: two columns with one sc again with two columns one sc in one loop and we are left with another one song It is also the last knit with two columns Now one sc
  • 08:09: Now that we Now it turns on circles mainly on our mid the following loop She knit knit column, without sc Now that we So he turned and twirl here and so He wrapped here he petal floor so Now tie tradesman
  • 08:40: the petal recruit a chain of 11 stitches further round in the following loop who does not knit knit a column without Now nakida overturn
  • 09:13: work and cooking for the day tivas much of their songs knit 6 pillars without sc 6 so now 2 aerial loops overturn
  • 09:43: work first loop pile with and one sc farther each loop of two columns with one sc Now on the circle
  • 10:54: not following knit loop knit a column without nakida here we Knit 2 on petal here what we have a combination of obtained 2 turntables and subscription we need to have 6 such combinations one another and tied 5 such combinations let's you again show 11 stitches
  • 11:24: recruit the following loop column, without sc 10 further air loops and begin to knit in
  • 11:54: a third loop knit column one sc else here 1 column one next sc loop knit 3 column one sc and so knit into each loop of three columns with one except nakida last eyelet Now the last
  • 13:37: loop knit according to the scheme we have already so you knit column one sc polustolbik and column, without sc overturn work and associate arch from the air 11 knit loops 6 columns without sc 1
  • 14:07: 2 3 4 5 and 6 is now 2 aerial loops overturn work in 1 loop knit a column with one sc and more every loop knit by two columns with one sc So I tied
  • 15:18: is now on the edge next free loop knit column, without sc further recruit 15 stitches the following loop provyazanuyu not knit column, without sc further overturn a job like this and knit
  • 15:49: 6 columns, without sc Here's how I do on video 5 and 6 column without nakida further 2 aerial loops overturn work first loop pile with and one sc next to each loop knit 2 column one
  • 16:19: sc Now that we
  • 17:11: We now obtain the following loop free on district knit a column without So we tied sc another combination three elements turntables and two petals left to take another four of these a combination of three element knit yourself
  • 17:42: to the end of the row so I It links all six combinations of Now finish row The last remaining free loop is not I knit a column without sc more precisely coupling loop as this
  • 18:12: recently and now we need move to top here on this chain with help connection loops we moving upward Here's how I do on videos and so you You may need to May 6 connection loops so Move to top
  • 18:43: Now here the park straight knit column without further nakida 5 stitches Now take note the next floor petal is not you can skip skip here not to get confused is skipped and the next floor petal here right in the arch knit column, without sc then again 5 stitches
  • 19:14: following arch knit column 5 air without nakida loops take the next floor petal and so knit to the end of the row so all combine for petals here and so see how it obtained from the inverse hand here I I connected all the floor
  • 19:45: petals there you are someone may day but leave a flower I think still need to tie last third row so St. look class yardarm so we left finish number 5 stitches and no further post with and sc coupling loop I provyazyvayu I'm joined now the all of the petals etc.
  • 20:16: 3 aerial loops further chain of 5 stitches and knit with two columns sc one like this now 1 2 3 Air the following tabs arch from 5 air we were binding loops 3 column one
  • 20:47: sc 1 2 3 3 further aerial loops The following five loops shepherd also knit 3 column one sc 3 aerial loops
  • 21:19: so knit to the end We check number from connection Petya so here Now with the help of connection loops are moving time connection Physics 2 and August stitches knit a column without sc air Collar on 3 column one sc 1 2 3 now we will knit
  • 21:56: pico dial 2 aerial loops or will bar here and so Vietnam knit coupling loop knit in further 3 arch column with one nakida 1 2 3 air loop and
  • 22:27: here is no bar sc 1 petal 3 Now a number directly without connecting songs are moving next moment of 3 stitches and knit a column without sc air Collar whether I here We are knit with 3 column one nakida 1 2 3 Further knit pico
  • 22:58: sol junction Collar further here 3 same column with one nakida all this knit one arch 2 hundreds column 3 sc column of air Collar and bar here without sc in we get
  • 23:31: so here I it turns knit to the end of the series dovyazali until the end series 3 series of our flower finish connective loop further 2 aerial loops cut the thread good and
  • 24:01: delaying and the reverse side can hide thread or rather even to hide strings here like But in these loops on petal 3 rihanna so here it will not hide seen if the current will be look carefully cut the thread here what we have
  • 24:32: now you see in the middle we have hole again tighten and here we associate another turntable in the middle we collect a chain of 1 loops until either I join about so here I I make a video adding to the thread
  • 25:04: said that the middle colors pier without yarn separation on the the only element to be knit separately more precisely attach thread and knit separately recruit chain of 10 stitches We begin to knit a third loop column one next sc loop also
  • 25:34: column one sc and then we you have knitted every loop knit followed by 3 column sc and so knit up end of the series except for the last eyelet in it we knit compartments according to Scheme further imposed to the end of 2 eyelets and air tighten thread and Now the tail thread on the move
  • 26:04: the wrong side flower and now Here all the threads well to bandage between is that they They are holding each other to nothing untied tie and eventually in We had a lo so cute flower with turntables friends if you I liked my video Like put We have questions write in comments
  • 26:34: Do not forget subscribe to my channel as well as necessary see other My master classes all thank you very much for your attention creative you success before the meeting in New video all while