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How to connect by a hook a simple FLORET - knitting for beginners - Lessons for beginners crochet  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I suggest you learn to tie hook here such here flowers, these flowers connected from my mercerized cotton milan live color it Wrong This front side side cotton I yarnart company 50 violet Two hundred grams
  • 00:30: seventy meters Crochet hook this yarn I I use the number one I have a thread lurex so they a wee bit Lambent knitting this flower begins with a midway from the center to perform this the first loop and type 10
  • 01:02: stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let go slazhivaem we introduce a semicircle hook in the first pull loop through it the main loop turned ring of aerial loops and
  • 01:32: Now received ring from knit columns, without sc We carry out air lifting loop and recruit May 20 bars sc with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 02:03: and tail which was formed of this chain leave within this series knit together with it 11 12 13 14 pull up according to the axis
  • 02:44: We hold all fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty one of twenty-two 23, 24 and 25 the column without
  • 03:26: sc using We connect the impasse connecting the first and last loop turned out here such middle, for the flower tail was in this series next row perform columns without first sc We carry out air
  • 03:57: lifting loop at the next row and each loop knit column without sc We introduce the hook for two half loop We pull working loop and provyazyvaem two loops together provyazyvaem all loops
  • 05:06: in a circle here so it turns drawing Now knit all loops around and Now with the first loop We connect to the last assistance connection column, enter hook in the first loop We take out the work loop stretch through its main Now we collect 7 aerial loops for
  • 05:37: two or three lobes four five six seven and perform 2 sc on the hook We will knit a column with two sc we introduce the hook We take out the work loop provyazyvaem 1 first sc sc 2 and leave it on the hook once again perform 1 sc on the hook 2
  • 06:08: sc on the hook in introduce the next loop hook We take out the work loop provyazyvaem 1 first sc sc 2 and leave it on the hook nedovyazanny column to the end again 2 sc carry on hook into in the same loop based on input take out the hook provyazyvayu 1 nakida 2
  • 06:39: and leave for sc hook again 2 sc carry on hook, enter the hook into the next loop We take out the loop provyazyvaem 1 nakida 2 sc reserve on the hook and 5 column with two sc in the same base loop
  • 07:10: We take out the work loop right its 1 sc sc 2 reserve on the hook on the hook to get 5 with two columns nakida not to knit to the end and to knit them through all five bars knit one loop Fix the air Get 5
  • 07:41: with two columns sc 1 tip about knit 2 loop together and six Air eyelets 3 4 5 6 using connection column to connect with ground combat take out the hook through her work loop turned the basis for the first
  • 08:11: turn on the lobes the next tab knit first connective column and type 7 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and similarly perform 5 columns and two sc one common vertex perform first
  • 08:41: column two sc 1 sc 2 slaughtered nakida knit second column two sc 1 sc provyazat 2 nakida 3 bar knit with two sc It can be in the same loop first base column knit first sc
  • 09:12: provyazat 2 nakida knit turned third column with two not to sc knit to the end the fourth column with two sc sc 1 about salt 2 nakida provyazat and not until the end of dovyazali column on the left the hook 5 and column 1 sc knit
  • 09:44: 2 nakida provyazat left on the hook and Now all the hooks all five columns knit one loop secured air and tied two loops together Air recruit 6 eyelets to finish Petal scored 6 aerial loops and Now fasten them based on input from
  • 10:16: hook and knit connective column and knit more one connection bar to jump the next tab transferred to the next the next tab tab as well first recruit 7 aerial loops three four five six seven and perform 5 with two columns sc and one common apex
  • 10:47: 2 sc on the hook the first column of the second column 3 a column but the third column
  • 11:18: the fourth column with two sc and 5 column two sc and associate their one vertex Knit all 5 eyelets secured Air provyazat 2
  • 11:48: Loop together six Air for the law in order to complete with petal help connect us secured with deadlocks base and bound Another one connective bar to jump the next tab here are obtained petals of that they looked with lush petals
  • 12:18: first column provyazyvaem one eyelet on March 2 in one loop and 4 loops into one loop in this way knit all flower of petals Now I knit all petals and now remains the last make a number of harness columns without sc carry
  • 12:52: undergirding will air chain introducing a hook under the air chain We take out the loop provyazyvaem two loops together under air chain pull out loop provyazyvaem 2 loops together, and so on circle around the flower
  • 13:22: all flower reaching the space between
  • 13:56: petals introduce a base hook between the petals and knit connection column dragged working loop stretched basic We turned on the job and the next petal the next tab also binds columns, without sc column, and you can not considered to oblige dense at each other reached the place between
  • 15:06: petals and accurate docsis connection column between petals anchoring were steeper dragged working loop stretched through it mainly turned to other petal and the next petal also provyazyvaem columns, without sc That such is obtained
  • 15:41: studs like this It looks and knitted Wrong flower side and front side here connection column secure with ground made 2 Air eyelets and thread cut dragged let's knit together