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  • 00:00: hi friends you tomboy volts and completion of a new year remains quite a little bit the most important thing is time to make their friends gifts and what more original will your gifts more pleasant to be your leaves get
  • 00:30: Today I'll show you one of the methods the original gift this production of a candles in the previous video I told how to make beautiful tablecloth for a new year and it stood High Court today we just take somehow do so I met you video on Master-class so we are with you a little
  • 01:00: Master class candle making for this we need to It will be a little This material itself candle napkin here I I cut a part and I still have as a just part of napkins will have another candle to ignite the fire spoon glass jar you acceptable brush
  • 01:31: then I took a nail nail decoration the way it should be Stir before will use He took secret Bles decorative and to get started in the first place let's unpack in such candles checked I myself bought knows
  • 02:03: store carousel probably important language buy and other simply stores look made this candle more looks white and maybe even be better than milk pile of such colors there was again Figure wipes beige so it looks enough ok next
  • 02:33: we need to do it cut around the edges of water as we did in the previous lesson napkins and decoupage truncate the unnecessary edges a package laid to come in so or just soak a napkin Hello from Rostov translate the edge and
  • 03:03: We do it quickly to wipe it but heaven again We made it almost our water for more than It is not necessary and now just cut cleanly What's on necessary CUT and order
  • 03:35: to our contact cloth or cropped face was more closely when have young stripes at the edges as if they are concatenated with the at the cost of my face and Lugger that there is not more smoothly so to speak nor any dense hard edges as if we were it not terminated so that's a little bit more on the twig nothing worry
  • 04:06: we are all the napkin throwing it to us already, in principle, let's put it all we have to beat it and do not need this
  • 04:38: napkin in my opinion was a three-layer to to us You see these layers let's and baby spoon fights were and so on than we I have stopped It cuts down the edge of the light Now all we
  • 05:12: tear remove three first layer 2 layers layer and a second layer they take us to another keep the following we need to do is to select an area candle candle the there is much we will hold the candle so let's see So it is up to the corner but it
  • 05:47: It takes place this take from the corner a little bit and it's tear so We will do stars we can star limit helpful it may come in handy me to another candle so we have to you have a part
  • 06:17: napkins which is already possible and arrest again are putting cloth select County So all is well with us you almost here it does not rest nothing closes in However, too much It does not take place no
  • 06:48: overrides take this a little piece on us no longer need throw away unnecessary all we have done napkin for decoupage then what we need make it ignite I use a candle lighters do not smoke to that I just matches
  • 07:19: after that are putting cloth like how I want to edge I want to put this let's leave the edge start a little out hide and from the middle of the there's this part of the this part we are tailoring and after that look over the edge for this I take a spoon and its just warming over on candle heating the spoon we it
  • 07:57: and do not damage then simply hryvnia she's well I have washed All tasted good Pomaia so most likely already warmed let let's try it already warmed up and we just and such movements and recessed in a napkin
  • 08:29: a candle that is, we heat the wax who we are talking to spark and it is in our melt the wax it seeping through napkin and the way to make Protective adhesive layer in the place where it was heat more accurately it will melt Out of the corner treat carefully so that we
  • 08:59: not looked at on mental itself candle Do not scratch, they were everything is very simple you can see it already enshrined in the place and we have to act is on exactly the same way heat the candle and small
  • 09:40: movements cautious warming the place where we need hook with a napkin candle wax, we it in a spoon smooths and we get We use like Iron napkin but in a heated the state is one of the ways
  • 10:12: but the most simple is, yet simple ways and rather such comfortable but first we need only to such under the more so not as the greatest and surface she had not It required great processing so we are left
  • 10:49: very little we is almost napkin ready do not forget about the edge definitely out of the corner necessarily View More not to plump
  • 11:19: left us candle and wax layer was definitely out of the corner fixed edge starter layer is there is we have consolidated
  • 11:53: almost all of us almost all ready to plug but remains small area which and was lastly Now we we fix we fix of little ugly you can even tear subject that time was with you we see visible bell but not
  • 12:26: seen edge ok our candle almost ready we remove the spoon blow out the candles and
  • 12:58: Now the phone edge that we have with you napkins ie here it is a little uneven and does not shine not put glitter encryption gives shine the truth is that some prayers are not
  • 13:29: gone Here we have it right gleamed became glossier and we Now we put on it sequins and make it a more colorful New Year summer take themselves sequins .
  • 14:13: take dry dude face decoration nail such varnishes are sold in ordinary nail shops where perfumes and to plot the contour example ball varnish he does not see very
  • 14:43: It gives a lot of luster therefore apply on anchor loop has inset further not recording to shine again put analogues dance
  • 15:13: in this way treat and twigs add drying paragraphs 1 exactly for added cautiously tie it shine to not really I spoil brush
  • 15:43: the same in the van a brush You have to buy new she inducing entrenched not the ball was
  • 16:19: ok look our with you now ready and we can easily give a candle gift and we
  • 16:49: We can make books candlestick buy decorate it additionally beads Christmas twigs toys and your candle not only decorate any New Year's table but will be in a beautiful, enough nice gifts on This lesson I you can finish see also
  • 17:19: video tutorials and other buy the master classes on a page which It is listed in the Video with you it was dangerous Column town hero