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  • 00:00: hello today my video again dedicated to decoupage we started with her husband restore order in our bathroom it I put tile on floor and I want to do beautiful podium or stand under the toilet but that's what she's me at the moment just cement boxes
  • 00:31: I want to cover this stand white paint and make beautiful decoupage well as always and most importantly it prepare I face you little already this base I removed all the dust I cleaned all the dirt and now we need to
  • 01:03: it is well dried so as you can see I have yet it is necessary to damp a little bit more wait and then begin again fascinating and exciting process the second stage of my work completed I covered stand under the toilet twice white paint so all looks paint is already well
  • 01:34: dried up and now I I will do directly from by decoupage their favorite way with decoupage via file because that the surface I want so rough that wipes were on the leg toilets so with the help of
  • 02:05: File this will very easy to do and that we need for work some beautiful napkins I myself had already file cut it single and cut a few pieces the better to work two scissors brush spray water
  • 02:37: or simply mug pure water pva adhesive, and colorless acrylic lacquer prepare well several cotton disk or clean rag to clean them extra water and now I I have been told to their videos and commercials for blending when you You start working
  • 03:08: napkin thing it is important to remove all layers bets ken if Wipes expensive it will be 3-4 layers they are easily washed away white layer we do not need my is throwing he paint layer must be fully 1 if at least one
  • 03:38: layer remains on the glued it white layer and your napkin depart, and all the work we will come to nothing carve a motif you need so it can be fully let one strip or one flower has there look like I need to do right now Everything is ready and
  • 04:09: then show you how to help files easily this figure applied on the surface whom you prepared to work I take great because a piece of the file that will work with a large piece of I specifically wipes made the uneven edges they cut severing hands it all that is interesting look at the file you
  • 04:39: flip over facial tissue party Now to figure in bright turned on you file now we all well sprinkled some water to doily wet straighten
  • 05:13: you chasing puzyrechki to wipe all soaked with water it extends well necessarily need that all bubbles out You can do finger you can do not brush it is important to take your time to smooth all the wrinkles and not to
  • 05:43: were bubbles inside it is done everything is easy no special difficulties need just be careful when the bubbles will remain with them will then hard work has when you napkin on surface stick
  • 06:13: raise flicking darkness Now wipe is I'm still holding Bubbles also saw Now I'm waiting for them take away the superfluous
  • 06:51: with small droplets motivated to work easier so if the first again there is nothing terrible that I torn in principle I white is strong even need my case better now begin directly stick our I fragments of cloth divided by 2
  • 07:21: fragment because a large chunk of not convenient stick so the first adhesive one piece smoothes all so as a wet wipe
  • 07:53: it is easy to stick to surface now I Glue one side and tidy up their own and then all Now neatly
  • 08:31: smoothes all morschinochki where we fix our you need to cast out them all puzyrechki can fix our fingers can do soft brush answer puzyrochek
  • 09:05: it is necessary to remove it smoothes all morschinochki easily do doily wet here I More helpers gray Of course if it
  • 09:53: Babu was on the table god for example when the board cutting We do decoupage on cutting boards so tough that of course Then I glue the
  • 10:41: the second fragment and already I will show you what you need while I do next Clean and bubbles then continue to work so all I wanted stick it on toilet I pasted all all the flowers I turned
  • 11:11: and then folds bubbles when it happens You can not be afraid polarizer straight water splash dip again cloth and spread as you need and to remove all the bubbles and wrinkles following stage when you are done already you you must need dilute the adhesive pva a little water so I in a jar made
  • 11:41: and around the drawing neatly put glue I now have my drawing once the glue I covered now here just doing to you You can see this is they dry can will smear a little glue and glue and it will not be seen but very important neatly You need to cover the entire drawing to
  • 12:11: not moved away napkin do it all over drawing and when the adhesive dry well and I will do more own subfolders call yet I will show these photos that I but when will the glue is dry you need then cover the entire a figure that you I already turned varnish
  • 12:41: said that I I cover with acrylic colorless varnish then he leaves yellow tint and here You see I suppose I did this flower tore is not cut take her and when I joined together in I almost imperceptibly that the flower It consists of two parts
  • 13:12: that is, when Wet wipe you You can accurately direct here and so clean that Now you need me polosochka 1 appeared when glue smeared out you corrects all you drawing on the spot as a you nothing hardly see and so here is my final result of their I work pretty all I got
  • 13:43: I conceived of the usual white toilet came here this exclusive Now I have left reveal several times this beauty colorless varnish sure everyone well layer should dry layers must be is less than three bathroom here
  • 14:13: constant humidity so it's important that all is well and well covered varnish with you I was Marina I hope that you I liked this video put your huskies and subscribe to my until we meet channel