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  • 00:00: Hello from Germany and pleased welcome you to your kitchen today I am as promised oven baguette with garlic butter oil is what I cooked but from my freezer frozen so advance its We need to get it is a little melted as well, to be able to it then cut thin strips Well, if someone interested in this recipe
  • 00:31: then stay with me and went to cook I'll tell until you need to this recipe 500g flour here, here I am I asked her flour I took the first grade Germany 550 number so This is another cup from me what the dough to put all as always and easily just flour add a teaspoon and one teaspoon salt pachechku is 7 grams
  • 01:03: dry yeast if you take Raw fresh yeast then you need to take 20 and we need to Now here I He won 350 milliliters of water the water should be add 2 teaspoons honey spoon is there You do not like honey or You want to do with honey take a bottom himself and yet we need to be
  • 01:34: 30 milliliters olive oil and nevertheless it 2 tablespoons spoons we'll add it to the end When the test is knead all honey including dissolved a wee bit stir bite Lewis give birth if the dough will
  • 02:10: too tight and then add some water a little depends on your if there is a too thin They read out legs and now wait Each oil is sharply in the dough board kneaded it does not
  • 02:40: be too tight I do here is no longer added now simply be stirred still on the table and We leave it to the dough for 1 hour for recovery this is enough soft hands not feet sticks out vegetable oil in Olive me so that's good We traveled long
  • 03:10: it is not necessary to knead machine already kneaded can into the same cup I'm just going to return Now more dough this is not done cup, and I need it here is another and I put my cup I pinpoint the time 1:00 We meet in an hour dough constantly chance that's the way it increased volume I cooked Cover the baking tray greaseproof paper
  • 03:40: amounting to a little flour if you do not want flour can vegetable oil a little Perrin Kashira divide dough approximately three equal parts and each part again
  • 04:16: mix better dough roll in length and so had the length that on baking Bypass roll out dough thickness is 5 millimeters and now twirl roll and tips zaschipnut
  • 04:54: advocates a little dig that they do not stand out and placed on pan noise do the same with this business and everything baguette willing to make cuts
  • 05:27: small and set aside to rastoyku 30 minutes you can top cover or grease water here and so It looks my loaves After 30 minutes, a simple key I now send them
  • 05:57: the oven temperature 180 degrees 15 minutes fine should not be there but then spend we have to look Whether the top bit begin gold then pull out and Let cool before how to send an oven I once again moisten them water can not then moisten with water oven needs to be done a couple of my oven is not heated so
  • 06:29: while there will pour it up it is a very long time with couples need to do then the oven is already We get warmed up loaves they spent in the oven I have 15 minutes they should be furious be like those light because then we also will bake and to leave fully cooled so
  • 06:59: when baguettes before little buds cool down to include oven at 200 degrees but it should be done before you You are going to eat them We reach it from the bag when you and freeze it received make it such a and we get need of smells great garlic we need it cut into
  • 07:30: These are small Well that's somewhere 4 millimeter Now take one baguette we shift him all the cuts that we have already We did take the knife Especially for sawing bread and we do to these notched again on 3 much deeper bruise
  • 08:01: not fully incise not fully unleash and how much do incision and now here be rifling us These should be placed here Here pieces of butter if it's for you too big make thinner or is cut like this Here's more on hit disclose and paste
  • 08:32: even a little Here is the so needs to be done to all baguettes do not want insert the oil we like for example with oil means doing or simply with garlic as I have said, with cheese and you can even insert smoke sausage
  • 09:03: ham still that the that you can natural and simple spread but I was so more convenient and so I it seems that's faster so here and now, too, thing is done with those two baguette This comes back all we all baguettes ready
  • 09:33: I send in the oven 200 degrees minutes Ten if you want I can lubricate the egg not my smoothie baguettes towns and here and so They look out of the oven if you course can they then brighter and more beautiful so let's show what they are in typically fed such
  • 10:03: baguette and hot crispy crust the top and bottom are now . Streak and now these Now they are beautiful and of course it can be do not just green garlic but with a normal common but Green I'll tell you
  • 10:33: it is very beautiful and very tasty if someone like my recipe I can repeat think that he get accustomed to your kitchen and cook with pleasure and STI health I wish you all Bon Appetit and see you soon on my kitchen until all