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How to transfer drawing to fabric the iron  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today I want to as I show a drawing with using napkins woven for which the first These napkins they Fabric yes because here one other side of the fabric cloth hand I It took 3 hard napkins But for such an apiary here's one I made a napkin that is, as more would it have long-term Cloth can be wash well, by the way, and not I loved it here
  • 00:30: I first section I liked it and I say as I cocktails I do it then start the show it slightly Now here I napkin I made as a doily nevertheless Then I took such tidy napkins then I did you see it the same cloth Molotov so I still and covered with varnish and want take in a frame as long as these pictures vyshyu well, such here at cuisine here such beauty I hang up and here so even doily
  • 01:03: too big and too doily, too, vodka painting the cloth I applied to the canvas that's how I all I'm done I show you how I do it on an ironing board has substituted is such Now I have. take ordinary is tissue thin-thin
  • 01:33: film cloth is pure cotton or purity once quite the Lyusenka even states Well, I just, I just cloth and I'm on top I poglazhu order to dirty your ironing board neatly and take pva glue in general it all all I know tried my
  • 02:03: I want to like it something else to do So I'm going to do here the napkin applied Now this figure ssylochku it is possible even here so here I am in the office noted and grease pva glue that's China painting it I grease the night I give somewhere and do not even know
  • 02:34: how many minutes I just took to fully glue It has been like a little bit like wet that is probably somewhere 10 minutes and 15 cars hot in here I have here So stand up and then at first I it neatly to avoid lumps so it looks I have a number of such simple simple work by me I liked it here and how I want to be done I have even thought
  • 03:05: but the bag can be accurately decorate and give is it possible to apply is still on the pillow make such interesting tick on pad as well, all Now release minutes 10 Now those of this Now Butter such a thin layer if the sky chase are even it does not develop not water does not become this neatly so a bunch of do not miss anything
  • 03:35: with this country are 300 I take napkins one layer and try make such beauty means that the adhesive
  • 04:08: it has not dried up but I did not check against wet I will put the initial that is woven from the top I it imposed a clip I smeared it doily and then Paper for baking
  • 04:43: waxed paper, Now a hot iron and somewhere I noticed that from the first time not It obtains necessary somewhere minutes and 3 minutes 3 here and so I like I ironed I start from the middle and so that's going to end that is here in this
  • 05:14: such nonsense, I engaged within and in result, I It happened what happened then I liked so I put the iron first on the maxim I Now I put and will concentrate Now little or knife so he exercising, I diminishing 3 minutes Now we look
  • 06:26: and try a little bit uchebka our bunch It means what it means not here the operator suggests that even Video can be cloth but let the matter as to clip it was a little bit like how I do not dry until the end there is no need dictates it is possible that completely because Now they have there on they manufacturing We took the thing on tree not on the fabric
  • 06:56: they provide the glue I completely dry correctly understood so then have adhesive completely dries on fabric also fully fashion dry and then Only hot iron I understand there is also after some or just directly It also does not matter but I even through the course this paper baking or may even be a simple paper not the cavity I already above a simple the stage waxed and pasted Now that she has
  • 07:28: hot to I stuck perfectly you show here So I show so please here and one from the other sides bubbles nowhere to get here many important things that I'm here a little important so you see but nothing, everything is normal It was good now here is the same, these the pictures I also found that I can one of them
  • 07:59: I varnished it I've done here, these napkins course Laconia drank but this picture I varnish covers the Well here is, if both I have some odors Then she would have to cover I would like doily but this I I want to take in the frame a little bit so it do as the picture the kitchen this I thin framed
  • 08:30: do here this is my the first work of course I hope not but super this is completely from here three times lacquered like You see to do it quite simple and easy special skills I think it is not necessary but of course if Skye will be more serious little thing that I need to be more read and get but some wild decorative shtuchechku or picture what is the date I and you can make
  • 09:01: and children can do do it here Here such here this Image too well, so I I want to take in the frame also and that's what I thought, or do as a pillowcase and to simply cut out and will doily but it all my works but there are far here aviation see tidy povyletalo You can also erase and I love the way there under Saucer for cup Substituting us his a small table but
  • 09:31: handy. I practiced wish you success here is want to please We will learn more