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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel fruitful garden today's video I I want to tell you how to protect trees on a way very simple but always very I did not effectively I use any chemical Again the same drugs all the people ecologically safe today to help me come again birch tar
  • 00:30: How can I do that I'll tell you I want to start say that the ice carries ants you alone aphids it does not appear that there are ants, they are as carriers and carriers ashes they inhabit the trees and shrubs and aphids then eat products its activity and that there are no aphids We need to avoid ants on the tree and how to do it here I want to show
  • 01:01: how's clean a piece of paper on it young believe no hints aphids even now I do not there is no and no single ant very simple to to do what way of pay take attention ordinary bintik or marlechku but bintikom convenient wind multiple layers around the trunk and prescribe birch tar all for the whole season can be forget about aphids and ants
  • 01:33: besides ants well, respectively glue this protects the belt against all pests or a caterpillar is not It can not crawl some other vermin ie here so here simple way we reliably for the entire season protect the tree so as if he is tar much thought to carry that not rain does not wash off and the sun almost Well here does not fade but of course if you will very hot summer or but can be very again say impregnate this belt tar
  • 02:06: but usually such not necessary because under leaves here's how answered both under the umbrella It is and how usually to rain almost fell here such I have a simple way to like you today show that still want said that in addition to I had such a belt I used a belt of the adhesive tape has 2 cheese bilateral a sticky tape in the usual tape that means well, while most
  • 02:36: ordinary and sticky party you wrapped around wood out instead sticky in tree too, you know on a time very cool protecting the have ants can not this tape crawl but again from residues from the sun quickly so it loses its stickiness their properties and do not it goes a long I have had but this update impregnated with tar It protects the entire belt season
  • 03:07: I want to specifically more show time how clean single tree no pest ant, and so that's all trees and what to do if for example you need protect the bushes currant on every twig a belt of any one of here to help me comes tar soap is note here this tar soap on sale in any store is Liquid tar soap but honestly I selling somehow not
  • 03:38: I find it but there is a soap everywhere I pour But in hot water the bank here is a piece of tar soap here note and after a couple of days I get here ready soap and Here tablespoon this soap I take a liter of water to dig a few drops conventional tar it is well dissolved in alkaline environment Now this oil and tar sprinkle
  • 04:08: Now all the trees It has obtained the double effect there are tar and soaps two in one and it turns out that sticking suit very and good protection reliable and that's all cabbage bushes there to example there yet some planting I sprinkle flowers Now it's solution grabs him permanently protect this Well, of course if there are after heavy rains Does the glaze necessary to update and so beautiful reliable protection here so simple but
  • 04:39: very effective way I would like to you today share If you like my current video put the huskies subscribe to my the yield on the channel garden with you was Tatiana all good all good-bye to all remarkable yields and smaller until all pests till