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How to clear handles at the gas stove (2 Ways). Easy and economical way!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my audience favorite Today I'll show you how to remove quickly it's these here place here here here this without removing the handles it is pretty difficult and will show two the method is very simple and very cheap and effective if interestingly Stay with me for the first method we need sticks and old Toothbrush Just in case, in the disk I always you Rubber gloves and and what about me
  • 00:31: aniseed drops q not on shuterny she shooter anise I should say, and what about caused a drop is not It is not very pleasant smell and its I can not stand here and I must say it is super proven tool and it removes the pollution even most of these here inaccessible places
  • 01:01: Here's example very hard it here But if you get Here's a great big area then use when Now these aid CDs So you see literally one touch and here all shines and all that is pure
  • 01:32: especially long a lot to you show here where that's hard to take with the help of a cotton coli second method
  • 02:03: very well removes it is easy for us cleaning anything no manufacturer I the girl did not advertise I just found it means
  • 02:33: manufacturer so Moscow lights 6 I do not know who makes the selenium to This means the project gel my We put on a cloth some kind of something do it necessarily gloves because it is so to speak annoying arm's it should be left Apply and leave slightly rub it
  • 03:04: it is not necessary for some while yes a minute 5 wipe all here and within a a while but via mini 5 even a mouse less I will show you what you need
  • 03:34: make passed two minute simply take three Plain Old toothbrush brush and in most of these just difficult places Cleans and after remove this cloth water and the same practical effect As I have already told
  • 04:04: is a must make gloves simply wipe Vodicka our actually fast all cleared Thank you for attention
  • 04:34: bye Bye