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  • 00:00: but pressure may therefore be someone suitable airway to opponents 3 c the audience is so strong that it made a sensational he established that the cause asthma Zico it is carbon dioxide deficiency in the body a number of studies here only come to the conclusion that to eliminate carbon dioxide deficit if possible learn to breathe a surfactant that is only have three to settle in 1985, if it were allowed to estimate use in the USSR officially today using the Buteyko method successfully treats
  • 00:32: diseases of the respiratory system of heart vascular and other diseases This morning our guest consistent policy Mutharika Andreevich of course PRIME TASS the same kind relating to memory cards Poland is also usually insufficient She just created it leaves co a woman who was not 90 AZN but these are known to Dallas such games and whatever it was to break in than this technique is not
  • 01:03: so much in a few words the sum of our family managed to find the main reason Development group of diseases It may not be very interconnected at first glance, asthma allergic conditions hypertonic disease but their research showed that in order to in case Stoykova kind diseases must be create situations that will occur changes in the human respiratory function He writes need the audience is closer to other busy but it may be one day a deep
  • 01:34: the excitement of deep but that worked there the method by which mercury Renat Isfara she opens we are working with a reputable vacation but it exercises Strelnikova accompanied by a large volume of physical activity because look what situation the position but from the point of view of physiology due to the fact that the body is trying to sue that excess ventilation we can go two ways we can forcibly reduce overall redundancy
  • 02:04: ventilation fit it summed and metabolism at rest then this protective mechanism immediately unable to open the nose and we can go a completely different by trying to increase the activity metabolism of such well-behaved mass kind of exercise during imagine Many schools in Scotland now himself has not introduced a special lesson Butovo method of study and the driver principles as if that's correct breathing Aznavour will be quite clear mercilessly Just June 1 while in the order I have
  • 02:34: I'm allergic series carry around one of the method of simple exercises bottles penny I do not have anything to go to work and how to decide not required your task wiretapping as you breathe what sensations associated with a sigh, but a decrease in air it's inside light we require not hold air movement Only inside does try almost nullify movement of air here do so for ten to fifteen seconds now!
  • 03:05: you show talk hectic task of to limit the amount a little bit inspiration but at least a little bit less than you I would like to after arrival, heavy breathing is not only reducing the depth of the exit and it is always accompanied by lack of air but it should be very comfortable lightweight portable just defeated great treats me wonderful people and cold Please Suvorov lived Middle of do not know how the samurai The teaching method will record
  • 03:35: Expo bands