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  • 00:00: hello will knit here are cute fishnet tracks dial the spokes 14 knit loops of the first Row 2 backstitches 3 1 facial bead 2 backstitches 3 facial 2
  • 00:33: backstitches 3 facial 2 backstitches and a bead number 2 2 facial bead 2
  • 01:09: backstitches like this here remove one petelechku thread before needle to needle We rented a further 2 2 and facial backstitches Now this wrong
  • 01:44: before the needle thread just shoot 2 right and wrong bead provyazyvaetsya seamy Red 3 2 backstitches then here are three loop we face them reshoot is not
  • 02:15: provyazyvaya on right spoke all three are now Now this third picks left spokes and stretch through two loops stretched now these two petelechki make a copy of the on left needle and provyazyvaem their facial facial 2 2 further backstitches
  • 02:48: the next group of three loops, we make a copy on the right needle Now this third petelichku stretches across two loop stretched here Now the left needle we remove these three petelechki 2 petelechki now these two petelechki
  • 03:20: provyazyvaem facial 2 facial further 2 backstitches and bead Wrong the last four row 2 facial Wrong sc just 2 Wrong
  • 03:50: facial Wrong Wrong nakida 2 facial and bead and is the message It has pattern repeats from first a number of now we see here's a bead 2
  • 04:20: 3 facial backstitches their knit 2 backstitches 3 2 purl face and etc. Now we have Now that's pattern has It is now part Further knit here such cute pattern all the best to meetings