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Real \"Kiev Cake\" (Step-by-step Recipe) | Kiev Cake Recipe, English Subtitles  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone! It's an "Easy to cook" channel. Today we'll make a famous Kiev Cake. My aunt knows an ideal recipe of this cake. I want to share it with you. One day she gave it to me. Let's start. The recipe is below the video.
  • 00:30: You need the nuts: cashew or hazelnuts. Raw. Dry them in the oven or a frying pan, stirring all the time, otherwise they will get burnt. Just dry them, not more. Oven will be good for that. Oven is perfect, but slow. Pan is faster.Also you can try walnut.
  • 01:20: Dried nuts crush in a blender or with a rolling pin. Crush, but not to the state of "flour". You need the nuts to be like this.
  • 02:00: Can be also a bit smaller or a bit bigger. Take 8 eggs from the fridge (d-22 cm and 2 layers of the cake). If the form is 28 cm - you will need 12 eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks. You need to beat only the whites.
  • 02:40: If you have only one form, beat only a half. I have one form, so I'll beat 4 and 4. Beat, gradually increasing the speed to max - 1 min
  • 03:17: Add a bit of salt. Makeit faster. We whipped the whites. Look how thick they are. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice so they'll be white and beautiful. And sugar - 2 tablespoons.
  • 04:01: Start at medium speed, gradually increase to the maximum and add the rest f sugar. Really thick foam from 4 whites.Add a half of nuts. My aunt used to add starch: it absorbs extra moisture and the pie wil be dry and crumble. 2 tbsp.
  • 05:01: Slowly, with a wooden or silicone spatula, stir from the bottom up. Cover the bottom with the parchment. No butter or flour.
  • 05:52: Put the dough into the middle, not to the edges! You can bake even without the form. Just make to circles and distibute the dough around it.
  • 06:28: Make the top of the cake even.
  • 07:11: Put into the cold oven! If you bake 2 cakes - you can put two. You need 2-2.5 hours with the temperature 100-150 C. The dough should rise to the top and be dry. In the center it will be deeper than at the edges.
  • 07:54: After baking leave it in the oven for 1 hour. Take out the cake and leave it to cool down and get dry. Cakes are ready. If yo want them to be higher, take 6 eggs.
  • 08:33: If you want lower cakes - take half the norm and bake more cakes. They should cool down. Don't remove the parchment. This cake should get dry.
  • 09:10: Let's make cream from a very soft butter. One for the condensed milk, another for powdered sugar. Some people use the yolks for Charlotte cream. But can never-ever be used in this cake
  • 09:40: We need a butter cream! Inside - with condensed milk, and outside - with powdered sugar.Beat very soft butter.
  • 10:17: Beat until it becomes bright. Add about a half of the condensed milk It should be very fresh! You can put more or less condensed milk.
  • 11:25: The more condensed milk, the tastier the cream is. Add the 2nd half of condensed milk. No vanilla. Beat again.
  • 11:58: Beat at least 5 minutes - the mass must be airy. After adding the condensed milk, beat for 5 minutes more. The cream is thick and really tasty.
  • 12:29: Beat another part of butter for at least 3 min., it should be bright and light. Our butter got brighter. Take the vanilla or vanilla sugar.
  • 13:30: Take powdered sugar. Sugar can also be used, but it needs more time to dillute. Add powdered sugar little by little and beat the mass little by little. The cream is ready. It's even thicker than the cream on condensed milk.
  • 14:09: Divide the cream into several parts. This part for flowers on the cake. This - for the colored cream. Into the remains add cocoa, but sift it, because you'll have the lumps.
  • 14:41: Chocolate cream is ready. Chocolate taste depends on the amount of cocoa. Prepare 3 bowls for three colors: pink, green and blue. I use dry colouring. You can take any: dry or liquid.
  • 15:19: Add a bit of colouring. In the shop it's brighter, but I'll leave it as it is. Beat each cream, but remember to wash the whisk every time.
  • 16:07: Remove the parchment. Turn the cake over. Cut 0.5 cm for decoration. Turn it again. Crumble the part that you cut off.
  • 16:47: Grease the bottom of the dish with white cream.
  • 17:24: Put the first layer. Cover it with a white cream. Press a bit.
  • 18:07: Remove the parchment. Avoid the gaps, fill it the cream. With the chocolate cream from powdered sugar cover the sides and the top.
  • 18:42: Leave a bit of cream for decoration. Cover the sides of the cakes with the crumbles.
  • 19:13: Take the pastry bags. Put the remaining cream there. Make the decoration on the sides. Make a net from the white cream.
  • 19:50: Look at this cake! Crumbles on the sides look nice (bigger pieces better). Decorate and use any ideas in your head for it ;) Pink, blue, green colours are typical for this cake. Taste and tender layers, light cream. Try this variant of the cake.
  • 20:26: Thank you for being with me today. Subscribe to my channel. Bye-bye!