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Invisible Join for Double and Half Double Crochet  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I'm going to show you how I do an invisible crochet join in the round you see in that look better this is alternative to the chain three join and much more attractive so how you do it is you have come to the last crochet and you want to join into the top the
  • 00:31: next the first just do that normally but you want to make sure that that loop is a little tighter than normal you see it's a little tighter not too tighter there that you can't get your hook in there because we're going to need that here in a minute okay so you take your hook out of that loop come back behind
  • 01:02: your working yarn and just grab it bring it on the right side of you that loop and put your hook back into it there's your position all right now take your hook and put it in that hole we were talking about see the hole right there that one not that one we just want the top two legs and
  • 01:34: your yarn over and pull a loop again you want to do this loosely yeah I'm just there's no tightness there all right so what you're doing let me explain a little bit more this right here is what
  • 02:04: you just pulled through the middle one needs to be the joining loop and this one here was the one that you pulled from behind here's your position is what the back looks like yarn over and you pull a loop through
  • 02:35: the first two you grab what you have so far take a deep breath and pull your hook out of those loops you want to come from behind now and put those loops back on your hook
  • 03:07: twist your hook back into position yarn over and pull a loop there you have it now if you have a pattern that says put the next DC in the chain 3 join that
  • 03:38: right there is your chain 3 join it looks like that one is in that hole which kind of it is and so you want the next one here that's the top of your chain 3 join we do another one
  • 04:14: and their way there you have it now I'm going to pause and go all the way around and do a join for you again so that you can see that whenever you come back around everything gets twisted and sits pretty of your back okay I'm at the last
  • 04:44: stitch and I'm going to go into I can see this very well the top two legs and this is something that I have to help along you may not you can see I want
  • 05:17: that right there so I've got it now and I'm going to join
  • 05:50: and there everything is all twisted correctly not to check B this also works for other stitches for the single crochet you would probably just do a chain and then go on that's what I've been doing
  • 06:25: because it's not really something that is seen gray well but for half Devils you do the same thing take your hook out of the loop come back behind pick up this working yarn put your hook back on the loop go in that hole yarn over pull through a loop and then there's your
  • 07:03: position again and then for half doubles all you got to do is that pull through all three loops and you're good so
  • 07:42: now you have it let's take this joint up here you're out of the picture so you can show you what it actually looks like what can you see looks pretty good downside of this is you have this line it's okay though it's not real true civ and to get this I'm willing to deal with that now here it is on my alhat after
  • 08:17: it's being been washed see even looks better after being washed and there's that line right there is the join looks pretty good to me just remember
  • 08:50: that you need to do it loosely and so that everything just kind of lays and sits work nice and easy so it will join in pretty good ly goodly woo with the other stuff there you have it have any questions please comment if you watch this video and it helps you up pretty good
  • 09:21: please go over and hit like and share share with everybody thank you for watching have any other suggestions for other techniques you would like to see and knitting or crochet please comment or get a hold of me somehow happy crocheting