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How to connect a beautiful circle by a hook

How to connect a beautiful circle by a hook  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I want to show you one of my favorite ways of knitting Circle this method knitting circle we we will further often used in our products especially in knitting hats this circle I I will knit from but strong columns this method suitable for knit circle of columns without sc I knit this circle I will spiral and so he will
  • 00:31: something very beautiful There are those in this method of knitting circle we will not be visible Transitions from one a number to another I thus our Knits on the basis of which will be our circle look very especially beautiful As for the hats to knitting circle us certainly need thread and hook it is desirable to pick up they hook a little bit thicker than a thread
  • 01:01: especially it concerns those who knit very tight as I as we need 6 it's desirable the same color but the opinion of the markers was equally 6 color so I I picked up Similar color that is I took three red 3 pink and also one token, we must take all other color or other
  • 01:32: color or other form that is that we could This token fast Unlike other I'll take this because the This form of markers like more than So to start this formation of the first loop and start knit air loops 1 2 3 Next we
  • 02:03: We introduce the hook in first air loop and provyazyvaem connective column thus we get this so Littel pat further provyazyvaem one air and from that eyelet circle we must knit 6 strong
  • 02:34: columns it is If you just like and knit circle of solid bars if you want to tie round bars without sc knit this just the same way instead of enduring you knit columns bars without sc and so provyazyvaem 6 exact columns you
  • 03:15: 4 5 6 This is because we continue to We will knit on spiral and that we always knew where we beginning of the series we will use this one
  • 03:45: token that differs from others and or the color or So the next form series we will knit in this way from we each eyelet will knit 2 and strong columns so we were binding first loop 2 and a number of times once we put into it our marker that we
  • 04:18: We know that this is our The first 2 rows eyelet and in the same loop, we provyazyvaem another the sturdy column we have a second row knit from each lasting column previous row we knit on two strong bars in the second row so we were binding dollars
  • 05:16: the end of this series all we must get twelve strong bars in the second give you more you can see we already have it means that the marker it starts a third row of the third row of we knit this way from the first we loops provyazyvaem of 52 solid columns here
  • 05:47: I Knit 1 at once I put the marker 1 loop 3-series and from the same loop I provyazyvayu another durable column number 3 we'll rotate We will knit one strong eyelet 2 bars and the next loops a durable column I again two strong column one
  • 06:17: such a solid column we were binding up end of the series, and so in like the first loop You may remember I 2 durable provyazat column now He called for one more Again alternate 2 hand column one lasting two column accurate column
  • 06:47: a robust column thus knit to this marker ie until the end of series So I came up to the end this series continue this series and all subsequent series we will knit exactly the same that is, when we comes to this we marker provyazyvaem accurate
  • 07:19: column this column we have the following a number so we does not necessarily we forget to put marker further we draw little for this thread and now look we each row in subsequent rows we must add 6 loops, and we will
  • 07:50: do addition chaotic because if we will add in one and the same place we and are prominent here these so adding it's desirable add loops had chaotic, and that we do not forgotten how the loop we have added how much is left add to this series we will use our markers and so after
  • 08:21: we knit and how we noted the beginning we take a number of markers and so begins their way put chaotically but our circle We do not look to have been
  • 09:01: identical straight distance between markers try but now we do not have you get a very since we have little but when the loop but when we already have a circle more try put these markers elsewhere in the wrong eyelets which have We had an addition that is, we are trying to add other Well, if one places once or twice
  • 09:33: placed in the same a place where there was a adding nothing but terrible try to avoid And of course if you County will be a great sometimes you do and adding to this loop where it takes us just the beginning of a series in us into this loop are two markers continue what we are doing, we when they came to this loops where a we Markers and remove this
  • 10:04: we loop provyazyvaem two exact column ie do addition, we donate knit without additions I have again and reached loops with a marker
  • 10:34: This means that in this I have a loop to call 2 loops there are two strong column and marker shoot forth Again, I can see how to a robust column etc. I again loop with a marker and in this loop, I again 2 durable provyazyvaem
  • 11:07: column and thus knit until the end of the series of the fact that we have 6 markers we it turns out that we was added to each number of loops 6 and this should definitely do like this chaotically because only
  • 11:42: this way we get less beautiful circle here Again, I marker Knit 1500 rented market and provyazyvaem 2 that's so on 5 see the usual strong
  • 12:12: bars and when He reached the marker I once rented a marker and the loop holes provyazyvaem another urgent column and as you can see, we
  • 12:53: Knit another a number of further all that is repeated we were binding durable column next row 1 column accurate the next row we this token which It indicates the beginning a number we are shooting and put first loop and more We start again distribute
  • 13:23: our messy markers when we look But when we do knit circle of this spiral we did shows no transitions look and that's just fine when we knit the cap like this she will look simple and just great and so then again We begin to put marker Well, so for example, and
  • 14:24: We do the same addition I think the principle of It should already be that is, we understand each time not forget it is very important put the marker on the beginning of the series and further in each row add chaotic 6 sing and of course you
  • 14:55: can not use markers if you have none but you should definitely add 6 eyelets in each row, and do This chaotic and certainly try Avoid the place where we added loops in the previous and a number of so-knit So I tied one
  • 15:25: exact column on I have a loop a marker so I provyazyvayu one accurate bar marker rented provyazyvaem another Durable bar below I can see just fine bollards So I reached back to
  • 15:58: master I tied one durable column I rented a marker and see again a solid column I hope that knitting principles circle for you if the concept of then there will be any any questions please contact me at comments I joy they answer you knit this way until
  • 16:28: get right and when the size of the circle you already get the desired size of your you circle course We should stop with knitting here in this a place that is at the end of and a number of so-knit the desired size of the circle So I tied several rows so way as I have as I explained earlier and as you can see I have It turned out pretty
  • 16:58: krasivenky circle in which even if look very close shows no transitions as I said this a perfect circle and Knitting hats because the cap will look just wonderful here and want to again noted that when we add loops we try add loops in the wrong places we added in the previous series
  • 17:29: because if we We will add to the same place then We will not circle by will hexagon through several rows of us succeed Hexagon I We have already said add the chaotic chaotic it means about the same distance is not means that we add the 6 loops here and Then just knit
  • 17:59: so the circle because so we certainly the larger will if you later this plan round tie cap then of course the thread it is not necessary to cut you will knit cap of this week circle or spiral in Depending on as it will require uzorchik but in any thread cut is not necessary assume that you it does not need a circle
  • 18:29: you need to cut the thread you are doing in the following way shoot marker which indicates to us at the beginning of the series and refer to miss one loop and two of the loops provyazyvaem connective a column like this way further we provyazyvaem one air loop and pull very well for no further thread
  • 19:02: cut off and using more a thin hook and introduce and cautiously in our work so we get this this circle if you like this video lesson and put the Huskies subscribe to my youtube channel all Thanks for watching all bye bye