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  • 00:00: Again the fall still perfect Well, that's an option because of heart I have He showed me satisfied in Next I and binds and these here they are strings fall almost at the very bottom and although
  • 00:30: wear and shoes at the most such soles but there is practically no that's my husband and my grandchildren manage these here Well delete strings What is your very just a short time to the nines, and so I'm still looking for myself some ideal the option to increase wear shoes so that it was cozy and comfortable, and that's a version I linked
  • 01:03: just on the size of gestured's leg his granddaughter from veloparad and bound in size but specifically keeping it of this form Just one in a Here's a few oval rounded to I was more comfortable then sew the leather strip when I was contacted by Here is such a size soles point each I translated it so I
  • 01:34: you show like this translated into leather basis with a seam allowance somewhere around 5-7 millimeters then I cut strip height somewhere centimeter and a half stitched like normal tissue lines but here's a strip of 1 it's my sole
  • 02:05: It happened here is leather cinnamon Here on the edge of this at lowercase i strips pierced like this here Hole Punch punch holes on distance half centimeters but I know that if I ever decide More to do so the sole fruit of the handle I I will impale on
  • 02:35: distances Well centimeters here they are walking on distance of one and a half centimeters then what I did
  • 04:04: Now she is the sole I lay in depth right here is a very clear OK I knit simply circle without additives with a number of columns one for sc To my shoes began to grow perpendicularly up a number of his recovery
  • 05:16: here it is not very clearly seen but he was connected and then when I drove it simply here so the best outfit Lebanon I have inside me
  • 07:42: somewhere more visible ostatochki here here such as cross I stayed on a thread on here a little color side managed more tightly somehow link one word after As I behold him cries pecking like this and I here We stayed from the constriction thread, in principle, they also looked aesthetically pleasing but it Again in my name I think as a salvation
  • 08:12: Now I would not wiped me my friends here thread that I sewed sole Now inside and so I knit Now even this one just one row simple columns and when I provyazyvala this series just for a loop here to the very foot then when I provyazyvala I tried hence introduced the hook just as usual in each loop under
  • 08:45: both stenochki here thus a bottom I tried to enter under two loops hook those threads constriction that I remained after breaching here this seam and so I
  • 10:19: At first bearing fruit he walked in Secondly, I hid here these threads and saved them also from hope of wiping sure nothing till booties will not but principle, so I took green thread
  • 10:49: specifically to could then you can use to tie Now booties zemlyanichku strawberry some sunny Strawberry Fields Are flower meadow on Based on this sole anything imagination has no limits This can be I found a variant ideal shape soles and the way will long wearing knitted shoes do not know try to drop experience and share it with
  • 11:20: you Here for example there leisure time with their grandchildren horsing grandfather slippers many tried grandfather portrayed here stars the moon in the night sky the Milky Way's
  • 11:50: there within the cloud but Generally it was like Art has the slippers do not love only grandfather but all our family, no one can pass if they there are just freely little corners well and why that's what turns my lining through for some time, even the strongest silk thread they are not suffer such an attack
  • 12:22: Well, so option of the sole will now be on slippers grandfather so way only dark skin I I made and here when you are not the sole ready quite well only partially here it is very convenient here So when ketlevat its such a seam here a seam in another and the essence of the seam
  • 12:53: set of principles just the fact that every place you prick must drive a needle twice, and then it is not necessary pierce on through because such here in this place if you do not have at hand any fixtures both are from cobblers and Julia still any master repair and tailoring Shine only just ordinary sewing a needle that's it saved because
  • 13:23: you sew almost outside is not always encircling tool inside the shoe it all very easy to do Here's hoping that his grandfather overjoyed his new soles and We hope so not quickly demolished like this one option I show just a few stitches how to apply the footwear finished soles fasten thread
  • 13:54: somewhere in there where it closes then your sole and do so Now my next hole and I perpendicular to it I insert the needle and what I said two injections at one the same place you again This pricked here and
  • 14:25: smoking here again 2 again, just as after perpendicular two shots at us it turns out that's a Here then stitch You do the same with next holes again the only people polarity next ask for and again to the same where
  • 14:56: stabbed a second time from top to bottom hole next stitch I straightened if pierce holes by ticker is planned So I first outlined and now there are over every centimeter of the the seam at all practically
  • 15:26: irreproachable in this way schering-plough hand Well that's all for this Thanks again for coming to my RSS feed and
  • 15:57: expressed interest my humble work place huskies subscribe write on my channel Comments I ' Your opinion is important that you like that not what you want to see more in advance thank you for feedback your Tatiana