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How to make a tassel and graduation cap, mortarboard.  See details »

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  • 00:00: here I've got my piece of card which is about the thickness of a cereal box and I'm going to cut it the height of the tassels that I want to make now I'm going to cut where I want the
  • 00:34: piece that ties the tattle together there I'm going to cut about three courses the way across and I'm just going to cut up let's cut a triangle out now we're going to put the thread across which is going to hang the tassel so you need to think about the length of thread you want here and a little snip either side to secure the thread in place
  • 01:15: last nip at the bottom to hold our first bit of thread still now I'm holding my thumb here to cover the end of the gap to make sure that I can pull my thread
  • 01:46: through later it also supports that top bit and stops it being pulled down as I want the thread round now I'm going to do another little set
  • 02:33: just to secure the thread now pull these threads up to the very top and tire not make it nice and tight because this is going to hold your threads together step
  • 03:26: pull it up to the very top now use quite a long piece of throat here bring it round and poke it through that little gap flatten your tassel and tie it tightly round a nice tights double knot
  • 04:01: I'm going to use my smaller sharper scissors to just snip the threads at the bottom
  • 04:31: and just slide it off your card now you may be happy with just one thread round like this but I like it
  • 05:01: with thread wrapped round a few times and then I just tied the two pieces together now I'm going to take my quick threat
  • 05:41: you could use a darning needle instead if you like and I'm gently going to push it through up into the top bit of the tassel being careful not to dislodge any of the fibers there we go and I'm just going to pull the tie bits down back through the tassel
  • 06:12: and again with the other one so just caught a little thread there
  • 06:58: okay I just make sure everything's Titans needs now and now I just gonna give it a little haircut lovely
  • 07:29: now as we've made the tassel I'm just going to show you quickly how to make a graduation cap embellishment first of all take a ruler and hold it corner to corner of a square piece of black card and just mark the center points and now we're just going to fold the corners up
  • 08:04: to meet that center point I'm not using my bone folder here because I don't actually want to sharp or fold I'm just going to use my ATG gun and just quickly whip some adhesive across
  • 08:34: if you're interested in the ATG gun I've got a product review on the site which compares it to other adhesives now before I stick down this last piece I'm going to make a hole and thread my tassel through this is the Tim Holtz little pokey tool thing I'm using which is a really useful thing to have on your desk
  • 09:04: now here's my quick thread and I'm going to squeeze it through this tiny hole carefully so I don't rip the paper and pop the threads through there this is such a useful tool and it bounces back into shape no matter what you do to
  • 09:35: it so then decide the length of the thread you want hanging your tassel and secure it to the inside just snip off any excess or thread you've got now I'm going to pop a bit of adhesive on the flap that's going to go on top of that thread just as a safe measurement and then stick it in place
  • 10:07: and I would mount this on a card on raised adhesive pads so that it looks like the head bits underneath here I've made a mini graduation cap with a mini tassel and it's just perfect for our book project you'll find the templates and project details at card-making paradise com but it's just the perfect project for a graduation card here I made a tiny little scroll as well to go
  • 10:39: with it thank you for watching have a lovely day you