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  • 00:01: now we prepare puff pastry fast cooking puff pastry fast cooking prepared by this recipe is very tasty and tender it is universal first of all prepare the liquid in measuring cup break two eggs add 1 teaspoon
  • 00:31: 2 tablespoons of salt 5 or 7 spoons percentage of vinegar mix adding about 350 milliliters of ice water and all is well mix all at we must have half liter of fluid
  • 01:00: liquid put in refrigerator on the table pour 1 kg sifted flour all time dipping into flour frozen butter or margarine rub it on coarse grater
  • 01:35: hard work rub margarine pair than man rub margarine very quickly to it not had time to warm up all we need 800 grams frozen butter or margarine on margarine and grated a bit more mix with flour and assemble slide
  • 02:00: recess take out the refrigerator prepared grandmother emoi liquid pour deepening mix
  • 02:39: there quickly knead puff pastry is the dough should not be the last month gently lift test from different angles add up the middle layers and pressed
  • 03:15: remove in a tin and a computer side We collect the remains adding them to the main piece of dough attach test rectangular shape
  • 03:32: we place the dough in plastic bag and send at least 2 hours a refrigerator and better to leave the dough in the refrigerator ten to twelve hours, flaky pastry fast preparation can store in the fridge few days and freezer two or three months defrost puff pastry is better
  • 04:00: refrigerated flaky We take out the dough the refrigerator directly before cooking baking puff pastry cold rolled Put the piece puff pastry on table lightly sprinkled flour dough layers must be parallel table top roll out the dough sprinkle lightly flour to a thickness specified in the recipe of this amount
  • 04:31: test turns about 4 kilogram baking diverse fillings we
  • 05:04: puff pastry prepared by this recipe his universal you can use for cooking any baking cakes and pies sweet and savory cakes and pastries pastry puff pastry fast preparing very tender and crumbly
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  • 09:31: delicious pastries from puff pastry fast cooking I really love work with this test and I always in the freezer there stock puff pastry fast cooking inspiration luck and delicious pastries