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Cervical vertebra the Atlas - the interesting facts

Cervical vertebra the Atlas - the interesting facts  See details »

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  • 00:00: all press this for the sake of my friends Subscriber viewers Today we will talk about such an unusual Related Proper vertebra so why there is any injury trauma what effect it under the guise of various and so on the impact on our lives punished back in the seventies there was some how Kazan Academy
  • 00:31: According to his waiting patients when they had different injury Visits first vertebra relations but the deception of his father and he watched newborns the currency by more than that most of the These children are born with a dislocated different signs
  • 01:03: it is in the first vertebra and recommended that all doctors when is every day I immediately after birth engaged in manual therapy cope vertebra that the child was not subsequently no problem but unfortunately as usual Soviet doctors did not listen kilo Council but to the west join or theory and began to engage in it just to this day
  • 01:34: many clinics Anikin board manualnym study control they do after each review that birth did not have alas top atlas first abroad become You talk about it even developed owners small royal doctors in particular ninety-third year, the Swiss doctor so much
  • 02:05: did just discovery but open this before him that of course it was all done m opens today will be forgotten Four man's name atlas as a result of the consultants damaged I have a lot of reasons about the reasons for the government's level Investigators later today Well, in passing through the birth canal child sport
  • 02:36: it can happen to identify an action movie childhood Naturally it is in other countries Monica realized just below the same account among records a team called atlas atlas It's connected just a key role in harmony with the balance then all motor apparatus also conducted gust
  • 03:07: research in Europe into the furnace seemed to be here on a two-month baby suddenly almost 90 year old men in all is there is a problem is just that the first cervical vertebra atlas vertebra when passing red graphics research revealed to the beauty subluxation dislocation actually This problem is very serious and many physicians underestimate her even today I think that
  • 03:38: 95 percent of the people who serve highway Pavilion for the first time to over 100 if I will not say It makes sense to pay attention to it because your life can dramatically change also come so that mothers having children these risks and dislocations have atlas yes and children have this is purely a traumatic damage that is not any innate
  • 04:08: book can be put in place discussed below and almost before more detail Pamplona tonnes so here is an example that the sides 2 paper our bank cubic google recognition Redknapp in Trafford text atlas castle figuratively according poshiba Mr. jig which slides where you're correct position atlas Whatever the roof that man after the skull
  • 04:39: saw tooth violations vertebra foreman axis vertebra called him a tooth i.e The first cervical vertebra connected at stake back and forth and here is the second cervical vertebra me such a large a decision on how the first tooth was so-so may apply to the left right down Opera as noted back and forth
  • 05:09: White House 2 It works vertebra is a unique engineering design which allows you to rotate your best our that is very interesting and it a pair of vertebrae clearly fix the first vertebra atlas of its provisions at the same time maintaining unique when there are undermining throw diagonally placed first cervical vertebra
  • 05:39: then there will be full explosions and when this position all the time It is a person vertebra muscles also have Oedipus trophy hypertrophy annoying if you go on new therapist you probes and it turns out that all right muscles km feathers other muscles tense conversely If you go so experts involved you You know the one side there hypertrophy there Do not have another one
  • 06:09: that is, you have some sort of problem usually knead remembers so called pellets codification disperse the spine Unfortunately such methods help only time that is, you do not succeed it is a permanent effect 2 because to do so we still have a lot of talents Now it will be very much surprised there is a huge list of just the prolonged pressure yes
  • 06:39: but the pro-skull openings roots continuation of the spinal cord Teachers have such a stellar way that spinal cord so stay accommodation lath acts holes may be reduced foot doctors do not understand undervalue they believe that this post it will be It occurs tapered hole in the skull According to Gul confirms call determined but inside it is already passing through the vessels to the villagers that feed and also
  • 07:12: spinal cord prosecutors without brain Format rub the request has not yet promise there is a development of the visa center center that will support the blood pressure about the same 2 g Vladimir Putin so what's taking place in Sochi is not dangerous ideas a whole range of PMS symptoms because of this the nervous impulse it can not pass freely
  • 07:42: organism pavings this is causing enormous harm central nervous system also spinal cord channel is the so-called in the cerebrospinal fluid from about one hundred twenty-five to 150 milliliters essentially this fluid that circulates set adult the country's space if there is a narrowing of the already fine circulation can not
  • 08:12: so It can cause severe impairment apple which I have already spoken of luck loops both side branches atlas and others located state can greatly October dislocated in the composition of the Neoplan there is, in principle, be seen that the area of ​​the atlas booze Shiites see what yes but inside it a small bell it is located there is displaced due the fact that
  • 08:44: muscles with large wearing sometimes they are but this is not visible therefore, this problem is very difficult determine Many doctors even do not think about it It may be broken but functionally Schatz brain's ability to central nervous System hormonal system pressure related persons every sip of wine trillion cells human cells controlled can be maintained learn how to make the system
  • 09:14: if Chen also atlanta decreases just in the aisles in the data center bodies none of the information system ie you can No, I did not realize such things can happen So we approached lists of complications
  • 09:44: household injuries caused by the fall of concussion and other so-damage cervical vertebrae ruler you said at caesarean section can be first who while it is in Moldova not in a hurry with cookies when passing leapfrog policemen channel for the lives of my children if there is no right right birth We put in place there is a situation with android symptoms a syndrome may occur the child may develop a copper doctors will treat
  • 10:16: then these children and adults Higher other diseases The survey is conducted promptly sort, etc. we do not want we dance to delve into the price Problems so after your rights when people crash thousand may fall when a person takes on the movement nods as the He became the gardener posts who had Now this movement is just he can slip of the year the first vertebra of the UN when the child may fall e.g.
  • 10:46: nape headed by 50 meter height that is, that's all these fall Cherevatyi stress somewhere on the street rink finger nulis flow fell snowfalls and fame have caused all fall they just can displace such atlas At first, people seemed not to notice the passage of the time Let it be for now It can be a symptom complex It will work as soon as someone no longer with us related to the displacement
  • 11:16: even going to check on chronic symptoms will buy violation of chapter mobility thesis immediately after the injury happens it's good that is, you can go directly to the pope if all this will gradually communication opponent with this in this terrible nose violation error and the head shoulders migraine in a segment of the rise in prices was observed for the victims even at night the pain circle above them to avoid It's not him
  • 11:46: man was able to obtain more roads here is one of the companies as husband and All her life she has not yet been sweeter The reason for this became a student police in particular thin naturally all can influence They rub me can happen crashed in the morning even rub cramps increased particle way comes you can make the fact public micronutrients so I committed the United States was another reason to post this problem
  • 12:16: a first bus shame Well as so cut may come other years but who knows I have here a muscle products such as flour science can there seems you got there or Sodium problem there imbalance of flows sent humane macronutrients According to Chesnais which it is possible to detail and which is one that is, because as the site of ectopic plant doctors such things increased sensitivity we can decrease the concentration of attention and imbalance
  • 12:47: night more Just rub noise in ears intolerance eyes husband bright light seeking eyes cold hands start operate Belene and memory disorders bleeding gums changes the sense of smell touch format laid oversensitive imagine what symptoms sensitivity violation legotkin language one does not understand what he Right-left corner inflammation enhanced sensitive hearing
  • 13:19: poor hearing and not all the features of the problem with musculoskeletal that is, all classes of such symptoms the date Alexander Kots just different Zimmi since then completely different feel sensitive people and there are several within the nervous system of the engine, no tattoo the system is when there I feel that he could not raise his hand summer weakness feat Ed held motor examination
  • 13:51: qualitatively nervously dash Kenny feelings as in this area there is no sensitivity or vice versa to know about when higher perverse sensitivity occur pain as the liter still that there are many abnormal the fact that the may occur RW different Hyacinth there is a sympathetic the parasympathetic nervous system there is also noted in the body for internal organ registry office secretion
  • 14:22: different daughter, too, are interesting all the infected systems read not so simple Kaka first and so January 16, and the doctor who in the nineties Football and buying online has options I have developed another method that has been at once prevention
  • 14:53: strips Okhlopkova He carried only one person time this technique deal once and that's it this method is not described on the Internet are nothing for some reason, because there people We do not engage in the self there is little can be dangerous a person who does not understand have any of the general description of the moments methodology to questions he did not atlas
  • 15:24: consults relaxing boat neck about the plan relax conducted himself a four massager device using this massager massaged a specific pattern and gradually recovering per se I believe that one time but must be sent to all life on the stage of the problem is no more I always techniques became Ambassador Carlos
  • 15:55: You personally did not see because the methodology billion, there are different considered These are all methods they are designed today are ineffective He was here this technique yes Akos prevention Yes is very when you do, and once and for all life Adventure under the cries that still
  • 16:25: In addition, even breaks invertebrate club Ulyanovsk participation two new rules in an attempt to take out first term because his tastes different times from 15 to 45 degrees and media changes usher guitar spine cervical spine opel other lumbar that is, the word of cases all the way to the coccyx so can disrupt all the vertebrae immediately substitutes
  • 16:55: its structure for what reason turned on culture the first vertebra the entire spine must offset by that is, if you say if the car seems that if somewhere On the one hand there is the car suspension grandparents when created year Once that happens there cars there is It takes that line the years and the entire load will go to the other arm triple
  • 17:25: if it so you figure there is suspension are building delivered 200 human body since before the logic a car that everyone can welcome calculated if already there On the one hand there is a problem here hand country makes it takes if there is no one kidney nach.tsena number He takes over NATO But if a person just There is a problem sperm cervical vertebrae as there are various muscles each department muscles will take over the load of 200 MHz
  • 17:56: vertebrae the underlying and if the vertebra is also ring mount the thoracic is if you can not even feel his whole life there back 0 on the eve of the war when you're out there somewhere sit will be taken advantage of it the pain will be felt more quickly or in the bed in which direction that notice turn you hurt another country He will not each time when sales of 8 bodies will still feel
  • 18:29: I want it just to the left even make compensation as law already attacking the sadist uncomfortable there and that added nothing Here it causes can be only one vertebra tires so if there is a possibility consults immediately after birth there are people like them should be experts to find so what else I wanted to say
  • 19:01: there is a clinic academy prevention survey you can find on the Internet it is in any country has half the world even It helped only in the CIS countries and in other countries Kazakhstan and I am sure that these clinics in Europe there is measure name I was there but these experts guarantee that after One such serious times there is a complete extract
  • 19:32: man village will be much better they feel will have no problems sales may Then there poses relay periodontal disease anything certainly better to work with children because when all starts It controls all the same their children Web controls gradually so now these Here is not the truth you see subluxations hello lead
  • 20:03: child controller disease will I spend a lot of money over time and nerves the child can not normally learn develop everything in this life interrelated Unfortunately since doctors have not competent majority we have to ordinary people make a mistake by medical grams this is a very important point of attack therefore, should have so make it easier to
  • 20:34: Thank you for attention not down if that person start and comments thanks building