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  • 00:00: Good day dear subscribers and visitors channel yielding mountains with you I'm Tatiana pleased all welcome at channel today I want to offer great quick and easy recipe homemade mayonnaise already on my channel There is one recipe homemade mayonnaise who is preparing for 15 seconds but today for some reason offer more easy recipe which prepare for 57 seconds and in its composition I have absolutely eggs
  • 00:31: I think that for many it will be very especially relevant anticipation of the new year when on the tables many be present possible lettuce dressed mayonnaise hope you like my recipe for today prescription us need 200 milliliters vegetable refined sunflower oil 100 ml of milk It fits any milk fat 1 teaspoon spoon of prepared mustard
  • 01:02: half teaspoon granulated sugar two-thirds of tea spoons of salt 1 tablespoon tablespoon lemon juice Lemon juice can be substitute for vinegar as I see fit I add still others Spice is here dried garlic about half a teaspoon take a clean spoon dry bank can Of course to do this in the blender bowl first pour
  • 01:32: milk then pour oil and now take immersion blender omit it to the same bottom and at high speed start whisking all the mayonnaise
  • 02:02: we ready here it is get thick Now you need to add spice Now add a teaspoon of mustard half a teaspoon granulated sugar two-thirds of the tea spoons salts also
  • 02:33: I add half teaspoon black pepper and I add half teaspoon dried garlic and a tablespoon of lemon juice Now whisk along with spices a couple of seconds, I want to show some density is obtained mayonnaise, it is quite thick, and I think at
  • 03:05: the camera is clear from this amount ingredients It obtained 250280 milliliters of mayonnaise such that the formula you take one part milk and 2 parts vegetable oil that is, if you have little mayonnaise to example you can take 50 milliliters milk and 100 milliliters vegetable oil the output you
  • 03:35: get about somewhere 150 milliliters mayonnaise or vice versa if you you need a lot of mayonnaise you can take 150 and 3 ml of milk 100 milliliters vegetable oil that is, the proportion of one to two to milk oil all other spices you can take on its discretion and 1 Depending on taste different spices taste mayonnaise can change so thoroughly
  • 04:05: I recommend it to everybody try this very easy and fast very tasty recipe but if you like it my current video Do not forget Like and subscribe to my Harvest punished channel in front of a lot of interesting videos you were rolling all in all good all great mood and all bye Bye [music]