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  • 00:00: Mamochkin of school channel today we talk about how just start tie top hook This topic you Now you see it I tied my sister her can be called beginner because she obtained knit summer only mainly under my supervision so in this video tutorial I will show you how we had tied up here so cute simple enough top hook if you take yarn sectional coloring in our
  • 00:31: such is the case of alize miss batik then you Now get this original and very cute top and in Basically a monophonic the top yarn simple will too very pretty look but now analyze knitting steps of the stamp this topic It fits through the square yoke have the upper hand he is square flirt in which all parties are for knitting
  • 01:01: this yoke, we We chose the easiest pattern in Raglan lines is a three column sc provyazyvaem one loop for such the pattern we need leave per point for raglan one loop of one I am watching a master class how to knit a sweater crochet there I told details of how knitting a flirt such advertising lines now I do not will this stop you
  • 01:31: You can find it Video in the category School MK under which located on the main my channel page need to knit square flirt a rotary rows to us leaving advertising and the central line column raglan lines have replaced by three the air is always on central column 3 column remaining columns have We are included in the pattern chain for this
  • 02:02: stamp typed equal to the size of the head for example standard girl this 55 56 centimeters as I offer alternate rows sirloin grid and solid series and the first series we will Coy then knit sirloin we need each leave aside an odd number loops that is from total number of
  • 02:33: we dialed loops initially will book 4 loops to raglan lines the rest of us should share 4 equal parts and these parts should be this odd yet Theory now I discuss how we done in practice and so we will bind to about 56 centimeters in girth head 56 cm and a divide by 4 because we Stoppa 4 identical parts
  • 03:04: 2 beforehand and the shoulder back, we reserve the same and the number of loops the same quantity centimeters accordingly we it turns 14 centimeters per Here's the part We start typing I knit chain of Knit one, I suggest and one hook dial a chain I I advise hook more on here we 0 5 recruit chain
  • 03:34: We can not even be considered while the number of loops and try on her by centimeters possible stretch and that's when get me measured my 14 I centimeters count the number these loops in my event happened about 43 44 loop here these 14 centimeters
  • 04:05: and so I understand I for all neck You need to score 4 times Here on these parts I need to an odd number loops obtained by 40 of forty-three I should be on the loops each side type well, plus I need 4 loops dial for Raglan lines that is just not you would type 5 43 multiplied by 4 plus 4 Now these are the three
  • 04:38: the main point it turns a hundred seventy six loops do not need dial and now I can count the and the number of loops continue to gain chain and count to it to it hundred threescore six loops not to lose can this chain set markers such as every 20 loops and so reach 176 5 loops like this we start
  • 05:09: knit the top and When doing the calculation we have gained the whole you want us to chain we desired length it is closable in a ring not to look torsion stop chain is I now carefully will not all accurately do closable in a ring connective loop and this we first.
  • 05:39: Raglan and, therefore, We outline the our markers other points raglan ie It turns me on This dots start be considered in the next Forty-three loops loop here until the next point is not including and then We note advertising again reckon all The following tabs 43 loop celebrate my 44
  • 06:10: Sich yes and again with the next 4340 fourth, and from here Raglan point to point Raglan again should be 43 This is why all my calculation you a calculation of all also do mark and begin to knit first row I have the first row is sirloin grid and now I'm just in the scheme show that we
  • 06:40: We do and how As I have already said, previously from Raglan line to Raglan line will an odd number loops for which we this is odd the number of loops after advertising line we were binding air it will be over next air chain then post with Air sc over air column air over air column column of air and the following loop
  • 07:11: it turns again advertising line also on each side then when we circle we have closed have joined third air rise again We start with 3 air Lifting go to opposite direction and the next row we knit obtained continuous row columns with sc He has fit in very just above each column and over each air we provyazyvaem bars with sc in Raglan
  • 07:43: 3 with a center line column always the next row we again loin He fit the three column above raglan line then air the next the posts and that we one of the columns raglan line previous row then a column of column again air column above air column column over column
  • 08:13: air column air bar and Air we will again over the column and building site previous row and central column 3 in column each row we add 2 column with sc in each part of why we how we started with an odd number loops between advertising lines will always be add 2 columns and will always be with us
  • 08:43: an odd number loops between Rigla contact lines ie always pattern loin air mesh column of air column, we will laid between Raglan their lines any failure should not happen if fails Look for errors so we knit so to flirt As long as we do not arranges width Camisole ie coquette width we have equal width
  • 09:13: We camisole we do fitting tied desired width Camisole we continue to knit Only the front part stamp and back stamp ie we knit in raglan lines on with three columns Now we nakida we continue to knit alternating between the same ranks to have pattern coincided continue knit in Raglan
  • 09:44: lines are not a 3 column two ie only central and only closest to the shelf with this side and to that Well this is the same on the back of central and closest to the back Thus, we we will continue knit here this here front and not we will knit in this part of the sleeves the case when knitting this stamp may be tie back slightly
  • 10:15: little longer than shelf that is, to link the most simple germ here he will be appropriate simple version germ that's how you You see turned in we have after joining that back less with a deep cut on kicks than on the shelf this is done just with means of imposing Now this part of the backrest
  • 10:45: two rows of longer than the same part shelves tied back length shelves so best current not sit on the figure will pull back and Now knit this part longer until we We do not want to connect hand that is to As long as it's height does not suit us
  • 11:15: But in our case this height dinner for fitting It was good but Freedom is not the width enough so when connection and shelves back we dovyazali here for a the number of loops We have added about 5 centimeters below but then each hand Again it is necessary to have an example
  • 11:45: read to determine how many loops it add here the only condition yet again that this chain I should be added have an odd the number of loops when we joined current hand we were binding it just strictly down knit and do primerochku in our case when we dovyazali until to just below the waist thighs we wanted make expansion
  • 12:15: so in the ranks solid columns we did with sc when butterflies need add if we do gain needed add necessary even the number of loops, we since when We decided to do The extension adds four loops approximately the places them in front such as the back
  • 12:45: in each row solid ouzo Hurray, we must add even the number of loops to the next series we have again well if kept within you do not need to do extension for the hip you simply knit on direct and we licked When trying on we have enough to do it expansion when bound full-length stamp tied with us very easy to do 4 column, without sc
  • 13:16: on the fourth pico column of three air so the entire bottom was tied also tied a neck and also They were tied and armhole here and all this and that's wonderful topic He turned tally as you can see very only if there is What else matters knitting a simple stamp write in comments I will answer Thank you for your attention
  • 13:46: stay mom our channels until