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  • 00:00: decorative knitting finishing border in order to associate this rim it is desirable to the number of loops the base is a multiple 10 and begin to knit first row first air loop and 4 column, without sc on the edge of the work then we do sc
  • 00:36: skip one loop and the next provyazyvaem 3 column one sc then two air loops and again in the same nail 3 column one nakida 1 2 3 pattern will continue
  • 01:14: repeat in the following way skip one loop following knit column, without sc and four column without sc between elements we should knitting There are five columns without sc and then knit Again the same sc element on hook skip
  • 01:45: one loop and following provyazyvaem 3 column one sc two air loops and then again three column one sc in the same point us 2 and 3 omit one
  • 02:20: loop and along the edge of the work we will have four column, without sc work turn over and the second row is now can be tied
  • 02:50: in the second row knit 2 air loop for than the top column one nakida here at We are the first a column right here provyazyvaem post with then one sc 2 air from the pico loops call the hook under the
  • 03:21: two loops and provyazyvaem coupling loop and repeat as yet twice Pico of the two loops, column one sc and another peak further under air
  • 03:55: chain provyazyvaem column one nakida again from pico 2 stitches once again at the same point column one sc and peak 2 from stitches and again the top
  • 04:26: column with sc We repeat the same column one sc pico two then another loop time post with sc the peak of the two loops, at the last column with sc
  • 04:57: We will knit only column one sc further two air loop and here here in the middle conceding two loops bases in the third provyazyvaem column, without sc and Further knitting with us
  • 05:29: repeated until the end this can be a number of fringe knit from yarn different colors and then it will look more contrast and interesting for today I say goodbye if you It was a useful lesson share joy with friends place huskies subscriptions because ahead will be a lot of class material