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  • 00:00: today we do you ari Christmas tree in the new year to what we need and shura clay pot toys wooden sticks cardboard and colored paper also long vote
  • 00:31: drunk we will lace four sticks so to get basis for our Christmas trees neatly we wind from below thread and tying plump uzelochek it is important to wind thread tightly to our podstavochki basis is not at odds In addition it is necessary to do it carefully not to thread found on each And it turns out other beautiful flat winding our foundation
  • 01:01: Christmas trees for me to take to wrap all long enough somewhere in the March 1 tip we again carefully anchoring such thread pretty easy to disperse therefore it is necessary tight bandaging knots I also miss tail between the sticks In the way that he was well recorded nowhere climbs and tight held get basic Now take a pot
  • 01:33: and insert foundation our pot note well it ugorayu not without pots holes and pots having a hole in the middle of this way you do not need will align your Christmas tree base will guaranteed right be cut off unnecessary tails our sticks for that we use pliers so that you have turned rovnenko Now
  • 02:05: turn to the next step take me to the board Unfortunately there was no large sheet cardboard so I used for two small glue them usually transparent scotch tape It is not very fundamentally because it is our it is not the basis of the cone seen therefore Basically if you also find the large plates cardboard can use little glue and neatly wrapped with several times cardboard we turned cardboard A4 now we'll be with you
  • 02:40: neatly cut cone nothing we need an effect We measure the length of our lower side postpone the same larger size country and now, we do range neat lineup I center measuring out a the same distance as the the length of our lesser country can take advantage of compass but if you there is here is a easy way make a return cone Our ready to connect
  • 03:13: the obtained points and other now cut Here of course it is important to have a very sharp scissors because Cardboard if you take very sharp scissors, he will deal on fibers are such an ugly edge Now buckle a little bit of our cardboard so that the current code note filth is necessary cardboard if carefully too much pressure it will crease
  • 03:43: Hall will be fine are bending so we neatly gentle movements bend and sealed bottom stapler It now remains fold we connect with aid adhesive tape Conventional white swatch I would not recommend use glue because if you use sufficiently dense Cardboard is a card he specially intended for its products is cardboard works well called children
  • 04:13: at a house near the small enough small little study it has a high density so if you or using glue whether it hard to connect it will disperse Disintegrating better for this use Usually clear Scotch horoshenechko trampled and so see the tape so that it everywhere all taped We had a flat rublikov We are now conducting next tapas in one pot and has made to our
  • 04:44: Well I have sticks It was not very long it is ordinary standard wooden food I wanted plowing make higher so I'm in the middle of a I add another tick the fifth and cut it off so that to give the desired Height is convenient thus, not all we do not do somehow in a special way we simply mount will fix the tip our fifth the central rod in Christmas tree in Kaunas top
  • 05:14: in this way construction will well hold on it is symmetrical It would not subside will once vary any oscillations it is It will close well hold on and so 5 required us to stick length, we also primatyvaem threads of our already Ready basis four wooden sleepers such parks sold in any supermarket This food Spassk them very well use icons and strong at the same time they very carefully in acting on them is not present
  • 05:45: any defects it is impossible to put they look like a splinter so neat move on to the next stage we cut our cotton bottom circle of relevant our cone diameter To do this, take out white paper set it introduce the cone then neatly cut leaf rovnenko and cut of cardboard respectively surrounded forget mark
  • 06:19: at the center of this circle since it is necessary to center will boil holes for our basis for a Christmas tree our podstavochku scissors gently slot small hole just our wood design and then it got easier and holiday stretch out and close the top
  • 06:50: a sheet of colored paper choose the color of the paper according to yet You will share in the above green blue blue can be used white to make it tinsel I take glue I use ordinary moment glue You have this here Gel time I like it greater development of that it is transparent month he even dictated it does not noticeable turns It freezes well at all for such products better to take glue or gel
  • 07:20: silicone now give stand our expenses that it is good you as the basis of our frozen time has come collect our design for this we put on the bonus wooden base neatly glue in a circle tape our lower part of a round which so the upper cone way with us on all strange design
  • 07:50: note that here plays a tape role not only in fixing yah and he aligns to the schooner sik that is due frequent adhesion he established Diana smooth background now we go to the next step we need to attach toys I have them attached as well as the adhesive tape just I plodded on toy and tied a thread neatly patching is to to our product'll take
  • 08:20: back and fastening Our toys are not I throw an eye tail thread cry warmed as tape all all carefully for the clinic it is very important moment one the parties should be stick that well you toys and bedrooms on the other hand it is necessary to stick well so that you tails do not stick toys can choose any in the case were toys Red small round the three balls centimeters in diameter they were 2 types of red
  • 08:50: high-gloss red Frosted ball at all red is traditional symbol of color such new year and Christmas red is green classical combination to Christmas tree here actually a classic mount not get too many thing toys especially our tree if toy enough large to be seen was not only a but the number of toys and to have a good viewed
  • 09:20: greens that led to looked perfectly possible toys distributed chaotic as it I can do for radii distributing when they will have media posted Malevich's get the service in time to strengthen your michiru I use this double-sided tape + it is up to him one side is good glued on the other
  • 09:50: hand, he can not see and thirdly that too and importantly for yourself you somewhere something glued wrong is it with him neatly removed while it is well holding light tinsel glued to the well and rests on embellishment That's how pretty often paste important prigreet tape above and below a toy In the way that our toys like He blended in with tinsel and She looked one Overall they toy hanging where because independently from a Now tinsel
  • 10:21: We start slowly removes the top layer hasten pay not worth the attention shoot all at once top words how far protective differently when you'll wind your tinsel on the Christmas tree in She will be glued good have it rips seal again the same not comfortable there glue come unstuck here are the top safety double layer scotch tape directly before gluing tinsel to the base michiru glue screw it back exactly even better
  • 10:52: so ugly herringbone looks more naturally and more beautiful when She just laid neat rows of such to look over artificially say so naturally well Now we have that We now obtain it's time to sweat We based our our green colored paper so that give more finished backlinks and here we tow pasted so way we hide tape that we all This adhesive or we
  • 11:22: hidden tail I also our tinsel the length of a conventional adhesive kelid pour some more Glue the effort so that the tree was more We are firmly fixed and We go to sleep 2 you can simply mine pour dry can be compacted and and sprinkle on top of another water to she litter from tired monolith Now decorate
  • 11:52: pot for this I left small a piece of tinsel exactly the diameter of the pot it also comes unstuck top two-way tape and make and more clothes you when the pot is also also decorated with tinsel that she took another herringbone COMBINED design our bcaa looks more harmonious plus more holistically potty have lodgy festive for such goals well use pots simple neutral
  • 12:22: tones how this case, he simply brown and press down gently hands it's time do not As snow I used excipient pillows and bird and that the perfect replacement snow alternative because it is responsible wool he lies neat pieces and well as if one is attached herringbone each ready