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How to TURN OFF AUTOSTART of programs in WINDOWS  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends we often set many different programs and many of the they fall into our Auto Backup is how skype still any additional any program horse racing managers torrents and so on they fall into automatically back up them Of course you can switch off many of them in settings programs well, you can help of another
  • 00:32: way to do it much faster for what does this need? it is necessary to do not upload your system after windows rebooting you automatically starts loading all these programs and right here on the right you can see them from skype there program for screenshots well, or any other to delete all of these programs from Auto Backup or turn them off to us this program which is called I cycle research about it already told
  • 01:03: its main function it is to clean the computer from various temporary files garbage so to speak files also clean registry but it does have function which allows you to turn off startup or completely remove from the startup registry various programs let's go into this program after As you enter the this program respectively first download and set the link to this program I ladies under the video you
  • 01:33: go to it and here there is such a function service come here and choose here autostart here you can see everything those applications that are you in startup, here we are see skype different other annexes to example if you want to turn it off and so that when loading he does not want you booted click turn off or you can completely remove it from auto-loading but then you will not be able to
  • 02:04: base there and that's why see for yourself turn off either delete well, and the same you can do with all disturbing your download programs and your system is all very much simply by using this program cycle you can do it all simultaneously in one I will not be a window now began to delete I'm satisfied with everything just he showed this way well then I think the video was you
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