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6. Knitting for beginners. How to lower loops with an inclination to the right and with an inclination to the left - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: I am pleased to welcome you on the sixth lesson Our knitting school Yarn today we Now let us consider how so turn down the loop that such decrease the loop is about knitting two loops together com front or usually wrong He is trying to do everything subtraction from the front side means decrease there tilt leftward and tilted to the right let's see how to knit We start knitting as always modest loop
  • 00:30: to remove further knit a pair of hinges facial here do decrease slope left here to go our way rim for to knit 2 loops along the front with a slope to the left threaded right spoke first and then the second loop and provyazyvaem together the has a fascinating thread and threaded it through both loops of the back remove loops wall 2
  • 01:01: 2 together provyazat front slope Tie several cable lines facial and see 2 to knit together front slope Right here they are for I start looking like We turned the loop turned loop here both at the personal knitting that is everything we have rules, we need to provyazyvat to another side slope Right here you can see here this way all loop provyazyvat us
  • 01:31: need from left to right Now such knit if we do them knit we will twisted loop then there these loops must first to turn but for this right spoke to reshoot loop rotating them here are two hinges We turned refund them back to work ready to turn Now we enter a loop first right needle then in the second
  • 02:01: the first loop on the left right picks our working thread and two provyazyvaem loops along the front for front walls ready icons here see our inclination to right hand and facial finish and edge loop prepared such subtraction usually with the wrong side of the headstock is not
  • 02:31: done something ie purl we just let pro to knit backing repeat again decrease from the front side and an edge as a life ready Again let's do the same 2 subtraction remove an edge January 2 knit loops
  • 03:01: facial Now with subtraction tilt to the left, enter the first right needle then the second loop provyazyvaem them together 2 front hinge remove from the left spokes there is also a decrease tilted to the right turn loop reshoot them right needle return them back on the left needle enter the right needle
  • 03:31: two left hinges right picks thread and provyazyvaem together with the face tilt to the right the other loop dovyazyvaem facial Carl considered So you see look like this to each other our management such phenomena in a very useful for knitting pilferers socks caps Well, of course ads
  • 04:01: well, very many many products it the front control hand let us also see what You control adhesive broach and so decrease with the loop proheavy book He writes that it is to know 1 loop as the front front and sc removed the noose directed to let's see how it looks like our pressure and so We begin to remove the loop
  • 04:32: 1 as the front face that is, the following loop provyazyvaem facial throw shot loop to knit Photo if you see control proheavy specifically made on the intersection of two here these this decrease and we now see that the clear decrease with wire It is the same as that decrease sign bosom to the left there are two
  • 05:02: with the front left Why come up with it like this in a different way But if to knit view more all bandage that is here Garter is It was the front surface of Here turn loop otherwise another side train let's take a closer look But if you look at the front surface of water petelechka she has right wall something that is closer to the right
  • 05:33: spoke the left wall that is closer to the left spokes at the front smooth surface it stands petelechka right wall back and we provyazyvaem her right wall, behold when we were here so knit garter stitch it should on the contrary the right wall to us and we all should still provyazyvat always for right wall but now say that we knit her the front wall is actually so so we her about to knit for here
  • 06:04: this about the right wall if we knit for her the left wall is already It is crossed Loop see it crossed it will be crossed loop means we garter stitch loop are on the right wall to us that is two along the front if we knit dropped or left, we knit them get left behind but the wall of the rear of the Left wall impose it can not be there
  • 06:35: crossed loop we need to knit for the rights and therefore come up remove the loop as the 1 front face They threw in a shot knit loop on So we did, too, most 2 along the front with a slope to the left only completed broach since Us rotated loop other side is very convenient to so you understand what
  • 07:05: broaching and 2 together front left is the same 2 together Right at the front these loops are very comfortable knit because we loop on we remember We are turning here we have a loop Ideally, we turned just entering the right then the second needle the first loop poddevat petelechku and we have our two together Here is ready to face the So he has a slope left it broaching or 2 together face
  • 07:37: left right slope 2 along the front right you had a school Our knitting yarn