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  • 00:00: again fuck it all corporation welcomes therefore now I want to very hand over a lot of questions about masonry Reiki here so now I I want to tell tell more details you do also and do what the pros cons like me Apply the solution under just on the face for a Using it under the fence
  • 00:30: as a solution applied twig will be against I took against here again fucking wind went look took What to practice I produce red rail that's my boys their rand corporation but they used here it is it has 2 Here you can see up to 22 on April 2 4 is the best
  • 01:02: option is sold everywhere it I have a three-meter I cut it buy get I centimeter eighty I sometimes use as a level I schA all I show, and here it is at 2 yes it's me 2 planochka's usually Well, when I buy I do the bulging seams there is not convex in I undercut her usual take somewhere half 12 half centimeter as it grinds grinds, and that's
  • 01:32: I make out now! examining and will remodel well as the Panova but I will show to it's rails Crane is the guys I I know this show River watch means Here's one take not stick too shop for sale 3 meters then see Now we start and butt sawed off by 82 80 Well, what you necessary depth I like to watch I put here but the depth of need somewhere in the 05 to make
  • 02:02: depth 05 + solution I squeezed I use a range of six that is, I see stack So I look at it I stack after all that is nailed here so pre-seals at we resorted to one So I nailed hand and to exactly the same It was also a network the country is now set
  • 02:32: Note to mind is the I am again cuddle I force down a carnation I use start Here invite Homepage carnation start I can fit flush I go now under zabem still have So I look shorter
  • 03:08: I scored so that's scored all this crap and more necessarily more sure when laying means having that's so small I not as something a little Well said today I have more details you is to tell look small businesses it also takes the same depth What you need here eight such you need to apply the eight and see then knocks again in this style is now
  • 03:38: let me show you how apply now! I take issue Now I take the bricks butt on that at all as you can see no see So that I see here
  • 04:08: for example 06 did well, on both sides who got my 6 Now look at the solution watery sense all the slats to not to stain and how cause I now fashionable to wear as the bottom solution that the lower how to do on a fence that is at fence we do type so here and you know parties report put a bunch of more Fluid Fluid Hartung times better look
  • 04:38: 3q and we move on so The Parties shall make such pour squad we come around soiled is nothing not soiled will clean lives again 2 see anything here More than 8 set country and this network a stretch that We do well in such movements do well, where sure enough when disassembling I studied it all done again do such as you can see that we have
  • 05:09: happened Now we take the set We put a brick set brick here and could I make it disappear now I want to more detail stop this River at the same time they crisis and this river need for clips look at me, she very comfortable well solution again blyat not the date of shooting look like this, he
  • 05:40: done here It is trimmed fold in kromochka I have here is pure and clean he is very scored that it turns out that's because but that's because under I applied fence Now he is not shown I know the camera does not see that's strange to see both under the fence whether wear here so you can see relaxed this is removed the he was again in the evening and
  • 06:11: I put a brick and I told her and put a brick see what has and how You see I take I take a look at our for example, let I a mile away but I can not which could again caught solution blyat brought fresh gentle as a method look again flies
  • 06:41: your watch is what we can do notes at any height I now have somewhere to height cm here a little float away cm but if you do joints in padre that you do not to sleep better I saw half sentiment to have you happen good notification type in such happiness because that look like this making master Kim showed how to drag it is not Nothing so here see see
  • 07:12: and see again and again so all fucked up pass You see here this rail especially for beginning very, It can work well but the best thing and plates to refer to behold so they like this Now spread as a yes bring it to me and there is no so look down attach this is now it is possible in rock poll
  • 07:42: brick on brick is not sets and must take These twigs that is, that's not necessary Now such practices become to me because flows uncomfortable see uncomfortable to but that's become like this dare tvitte time and Now he is uncomfortable there may be falling stain not take our such a thing here you see sorry guys but do not I can do anything too much between them
  • 08:12: this way you do find sectioned do we cut because it turns out the intestines crisp seam turns You see it clear seam Metro must hurry time for me I resent the money He lays seen but
  • 08:42: the same video helpful video useful to no need to take off work there trying to dumb You see here cut off all neatly and this is now see when it doing it to fill and he is very busy, he when the density is very you grow in internal ie slips once there he shorty sure you can work here and so so you can work capes, I like that it work if you
  • 09:12: working with the hand then take the bricks and you know like this put it well Well, you can and here you can do to change you can do everything well, fuck lower see well watery course yes laying face be neat kromochka match and put here by pure cork that I want to say I want say there nor there comrade last night
  • 09:44: Again it is written, I want tell people do not have to to know the composition and then the composition of this brick Chemistry is a brick there should be much remove the pressure on the Kutch people need to know how this brick pack wall and do not need to know on copper sulfate and I need to know when our business need to know how to take a brick and how You put a wall this brick and to tell how or
  • 10:16: it there as the structure as honey and well shorter personal yutubovskih this is retell people salt people themselves short find it all in youtube and I want to say I invite School we have I there give master classes Some of his children how they would take me work practices that I have them put some offset and there nezachot they seem to me passes in practice This year I also Go application but I do not I know I have a problem
  • 10:46: there are some of health have small but I want it here bloggers say Take the sand clay If you do not have and the volumes of objects you want something show and tell up to it well, Take the sand clay knead take two three four brick show that as make it do and do not need me blaspheme for what he my ignorance there if there is much in it trx treated catty hole
  • 11:17: kyaut I said I do not know the world said there one million all 30000 Take the sand clay I have part of the solution I say put online lay down their silicate 40 too No one has put all this lay and engaged in short business does not take it It is not all menu write, I do not know how we are not at the bank made at night it hell corporation I think you helped I dipped into the account of another I gave you undermine
  • 11:47: thanks for all the help attention it Karen corporation subscribers greetings