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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners you Tatiana I'm glad you welcome to its channel harvest to the garden today I want you show and tell very interesting unusual for a while many ways tomato cultivation it is called Chinese way Tomato cultivation in China had already used 15 years very widely at us the country for several years this method
  • 00:31: are family Terekhin them here and It called method Terekhin and this method is what he suitable for tall tomatoes tomato grown his usual the time frame somewhere in the half a month or a month before and when seedlings about month Now here's this seedlings about my month show
  • 01:01: almost daily people than is the meaning But in this method, this age we take misyachna or cut off here and so at ground level, our there by it and perpetuate it is better to land just watering sadim tomatoes give the roots in What is the meaning of this
  • 01:33: method means that the first we seedlings grow early on month and a half and respectively get used to aftercrop plants become not so high not It rests on the ceiling greenhouses and that is, they become more squat more low znach 3 benefits first brush hanging almost wai at the height of the land they 50 there normally 70 centimeters
  • 02:03: another like advantage of this number of usb brushes I have time to ripen for boiling growing season 2 or three and more depending on the the region and the climate as another means plants that suffer stress an early age and it is builds trust cropping and here rooting immediately try to quickly and more fully give more harvest
  • 02:34: adulthood here such here benefits if think about it really great benefits this method there are here now I will show you clearly how this is done in I have one grade Surt is one of my favorite it is called Kone it big he tall Mrs. you harvest enough and purity
  • 03:04: as an experiment They say the seeds taken from a fetus that is, in principle, as they from genetically We should all be are the same and that's Now I will show therefore here I This plant here I Four of them are now just like this here Obreja scissors ordinary scissors the roots and put while I crop the other I put in here
  • 03:35: solution and a pinchik and So I randomly select any so who needs more are supported too so I do these I dismiss I take our pots cups do lune
  • 04:10: and now just look Here deepened by most 7 slices of the 7 slices first we did not true leaves have me one after one video I ask what cotyledon stage here body for those who do not He knows what I'm talking first leaves
  • 04:41: which bloom This cotyledons all 4 after we Now since this is their will plant I land proview same morning alignment we pelchika still for
  • 05:12: better to plant rooted and accustomed trust Tomato very well such operation carries so mean we have done all this operating cups I signed that is here I have number 14 cut from the all are now signed what we should do cover them
  • 05:42: cups and order that was comfortable will root our plant as Greenhouse effect It should be well, as usually when we I have them of grafted We tried to make greenhouse in this case something about this type
  • 06:12: we have to do here and we now have them then do not deliver dead but not quite dark place that is not in the window on sunny with Ulta backlight should stand our seedlings namely darkened place two or three days and Then paste it into usual place where We should all seedlings and our saplings such Now growing and catching up
  • 06:43: and surpass the usual plants here and this interesting unusual for whom it can be even shocking the way I wanted you tell way to work modus operandi the method has been tested and has many gardeners We appreciated the advantages this way I You, too, decided to introduce this I have a very unusual I think perspective cultivation method if tomatoes I liked my video
  • 07:13: if have questions ask questions and put the Huskies subscribe to my yielding channel garden I am waiting for you in the following Video all good all goodbye for now till