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The translation of the picture on plasticity without use of gel, alcohol and water  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I you want to show enough popular technique This translation pictures on plastic but just want to I warn you I will show you how I do it and maybe it will different from as you do, or how to do it according to the rules so that
  • 00:30: keep this in mind that I need me need polymer clay I'll use plastic the firm fimo soft color white not need Image I will show an example themselves from modesty and here too need water for rolling Polymer clay and will need places so choose picture I chose their a photo with photoshop but if the course
  • 01:00: it is then necessary to We translate it into black-and-white version and I have added graphics and effects pictures after printing out it's all on the laser Printer Paper I I use ordinary and and continue to mash
  • 01:38: roll out our plastic We apply ourselves to shade Smooth and laminating roller and after all leave the case will for about an hour we're on the line hours been quite enough cut and very
  • 02:10: gently rented paper as you can see image very good pass then most
  • 03:04: nothing important touching translated Pictures can be different very easy to grease Resort reaching step or
  • 03:57: cover the whole thing or such Epoxy resin I I will use 3d these slug it i showed in their purchases and managed deeper to try and remained very pleased So I cover the dark there the workpiece reserve Nosach well, very quickly other brush your teeth and go to sleep because in my
  • 04:28: the clock has already started 4 I am well here thanks installation, I'm with you again workpiece us too so we are ready to you can move on now We proceed to the assembly ornaments I have it will earrings and ring Well, that all hope
  • 05:48: videos you like and will not experiment try something brand new wish you inspiration success to See you soon yet till