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  • 00:00: and so hello to everyone you continue talk about palmistry and a little talk about back of the actually the rear the side is the side god only God can know all about our karma yes if such as this we can understand and read hand, this side actually I do not It is given and it is not known what remains for edge the other world and Firstly need to look at those dimples that are formed with us
  • 00:30: here if very sex dimples are always will be the same certain problems of the planet such as mercury Sun Saturn Jupiter also need to watch leg nougat on it special method palmistry who contribute to the to pick up yourself partner if you little finger and comes to means it means you are a man and if your little finger still goes beyond this phalanx this means daiwa canada and if you have it is a phalanx she
  • 01:01: dropped into it from below you get that rakshasa gana yes then there is a need to look to your partner was the same position on the arm as and you have desirable same mentality and equal desires tazdingo this is more the divine nature manush and it's earthly the level of rakshasa is the lowest level and relevant compatibility is it is very important to consider when we talk about
  • 01:33: back of the We must take also hairline how much hair a person has and on which parts and what color is that it will be played role and the relevant will be given either Other meaning is also need to convert attention to the nails but also many many nuances maybe I'm in next video take a picture of it now we are a little bit let's talk about how pick up a stone and on
  • 02:03: Which finger do you need? rave stone first if you wear several stones and one of these stones more than the other stone which is more which are closer to the body there will be more energetically influence on you those stones which we carry on my left hand is mine left hand relevant give the ability receive energy from specific planet she is right and helps the energy is radiated this planet therefore
  • 02:33: also the left hand means the moon energy feminine right hand is male energy male start if you strengthen the planet she is in female signs horoscope account us with an account signs are female signs it is better to wear on the left hand is so you need to Do if you are wearing different necklace then
  • 03:03: himself where the stone adjoins center energy mind will be impacted rendered to this center actually to me very help improve the well-being and gives good health results if he wears in the right way this must be approached very thoroughly so the first stone this ruby ruby ​​you need wear necessarily on
  • 03:33: an unnamed finger that by the face in the sun ruby promotes blood circulation increases the energy in body increases fire so when you carry you appears more energy you improve willpower is promotes maintaining independent qualities character so on that is, it's a male stone and he favorable usually for men that is, in some cases of course a woman can wear ruby to improve
  • 04:04: immune system The next one in our country stone pearl pearl as you know it moonstone and moon controls liquids improves and imbues body tissue and nervous system in this way the moon is I water and the corresponding moon controls fluid world of the body
  • 04:34: manage tills tides with a man when the moon is growing he is inclined to corpulence so that accumulates to hold water in body and thus if you wear pearls or whether the finger necklace then this helps and improves female reproductive organs and very good for women to apply on his left hand and was it also contributes to tranquility and stabilization of emotions
  • 05:05: and also favorably there is a failure in for silver for pearls and it will be very very good and relevant women wear on left so if we carry coral then this promotes improve the blood circulation reproductive organs in men basic properties aphrodisiac with the main male power improves men's power engineering
  • 05:36: promotes muscle and gives a person working capacity so the coral is very auspicious stone especially for men and wear it appropriate favorably on an unnamed finger fingers of the sun next stone which is worn on little finger required this emerald emerald still calms the mind emotions gives stability and nervous system heals body respiratory tract and promotes a
  • 06:07: features of flexibility mind, that is, man does not rectilinear and he becomes more Flexible if in the body man is very much fire then feature of a man very favorable wearing an emerald in silver that he will improve it energy and a little bit soothe it pull down and for the relevant possible to do rim gold and
  • 06:37: features in gold the emerald gains especially beautiful quality next this is the yellow sapphire he runs on forefinger as you know and give energy ambitions a person is one of the the best stones to amplify energy guru energy is increased teachers teacher at sapphire policy regulates hormones and increases energy
  • 07:08: can be used in case of diabetes promotes recovery and generally yellow sapphire promotes especially individuals who want to teach for Vedic knowledge give wisdom other people lead people and so continue to support take care of that is yellow sapphire very promotes and how pick stones to I need to put preferably between nameless and average
  • 07:38: finger and feel that is, hold out one stone is not all stones and one by one hold and feel what The energy goes if energy goes calming cool such very positive this stone you very much is like the previous video I already described about this and if the same he starts the stone heats if you begin to load cover a person
  • 08:09: how will wrap it in cloth before landing it strongly to the ground then this one stone you do not suits that is he you will be uploaded this is the corresponding need this too account and verify every stone and intuitively to the right and on the left hand like here it suits you what hand do you like it is better to wear and next stone which improves Venus are diamonds or crystal mountain crystal relevant diamond is a stone
  • 08:39: youth all girls want themselves such a beautiful stone he really is increases energy sexuality in the body and features to do beautiful woman because a woman I understand that men not able to give a diamond means he he loves me he is ready invest in relationship means he I am ready to continue to be me yes that is it is very important for girls feel security in relations and the relevant to me he
  • 09:09: shows seriousness and readiness of a man invest in how much he will be the future invest if he buy a car there ten thousand euros wife can not donate there diamond for a pair thousand to the relevant the egoist is not so way very good promotes kidney improvement reproductive systems for women and badly inserted diamond white gold there he
  • 09:39: improves all its best qualities blue sapphire he worn on the average finger is finger Saturn Saturn manages all negative karma human and blue sapphire gives the following the results are he cold planet saturn a little bit reassure a person protects him from negative energy weight loss
  • 10:09: promotes weight loss calming emotions coolness and contributes to improve the bone structure and backs development tranquility and pacification this stone is very it will be good be suitable for to improve Saturn and development the relevant best quality humility and so next stone
  • 10:40: this gamete gamete is stone associated with the energy of the rahu therefore relevant very good if u a lot of anger and he likes to be angry then and he is very it is gametes in order to work on this energy raf if same a person and a person wants to achieve mystical perfection then him very favorable to wear a cat's eye since this stone affects the kittu and improve the subtle
  • 11:11: vision of man and evil of a certain mystical ability and makes its a little bit so insightful try to pick up Statement corresponding camille wear improve communication with this planet because what is another important factor so that the stone touched the skin since the energy sun over impregnates this stone and relevant absorbs you all favorable energy of this planet on as well as for example if you see me
  • 11:41: what color are they colors a planet with which they are connected with you are all quality all the opportunities have a planet they endow stones corresponding to me about it will be on subtle influence on you on even if you maybe not particularly sensitive man for but for this is very important the right way astrologically features pick you up the best stone which will contribute promotion of your
  • 12:11: career ladder will improve your state of health especially in astrological period and most importantly will give peace of mind so expensive men buy their girls suitable for them stones that will contribute to that that their health and that sphere where there is some shortcomings and defects will improve with stones by others
  • 12:41: words we can better with a certain sphere of life in which there is a minus here for women are very important so that it always was so beautiful to from time immemorial times used in all the ancient traditions to lodge a man decorate it emphasize it certain character and in principle, to fill its such positive joyful energy if you are given your men are
  • 13:11: beautiful stones that you choose you know how it is make feel yourself princesses beautiful cheerful appropriate please yourself like this good beautiful gifts that are not only decorate in also improve in many areas of your fate by itself the big one was with you alexander of bespalov until new meetings good by