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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I show you how cook easily and quickly portioned caramel cake chocolate glaze and nuts It sounds delicious when We went for a biscuit me It will need 130 grams flour 60 milliliters caramel syrup 50 milliliters vegetable oil one and a half teaspoons salt and baking powder half a teaspoon vanilla 3 eggs 90 grams of sugar and 20 milliliters of water I was separated from the yolks
  • 00:30: proteins and rub them with Now sugar I sift the flour and baking powder and vanilla adding through a sieve vegetable oil caramel and water you can mix
  • 01:06: ingredients in any sequence importantly the beaten egg whites add to the end of the I protein intervenes in two stage here such here Swipe down I kind of hide protein in the dough and it saves air bubbles biscuit while he it turns the air lush and soft now all the dough
  • 01:37: transfused in shape I have it with a diameter of 20 if centimeters make a small a hole in the center and then flatten the dough during baking but will not rise slide you turns to bake even if the biscuit before write your secrets comments We send the dough in oven at 180 degrees for half an hour readiness check toothpick until biscuit baked prepare caramel on oil in the cream I have here 200 grams 100 milliliters of oil
  • 02:08: condensed milk and about one tablespoon caramel syrup oil should be room temperature can even a little warmer and after she add whipped parts of condensed milk and the end of the add creme caramel We get so fragrant
  • 02:38: caramel that Vanilla can not add and the time has expired, and cool look he get a smooth and porous now I need of it cut mini biscuit biscuit turned
  • 03:37: soft but I still He decided on his feed rum syrup PIROZHENKO we will 3 I orally and to all it looked I carefully customized their size I fix a cake
  • 04:21: skewer the same oil caramel cream align sides cakes as a first layer we always frost in and a second cooler layer we align cake finally for chocolate glaze will prepare ganache 140 black gram chocolate, I pour 200 grams of hot
  • 04:53: cream it is important not to cream to boil chocolate from high temperature is not welded shut parchment paper and I leave it for two or three minute If chocolate is not to end of its spread you can warm up in the microwave on for five seconds I Grind nuts and the chocolate fully dissolve into add to creamed I took the icing
  • 05:23: salted cashew you you can try any nuts post icing refrigerator 30 minutes it's a little cool and will denser and Now the most delicious moment We dip our mini cakes in chocolate it is much more convenient would do if cakes will fully ostyvshimi Then with the help of hurry You can easily them move 1, the glaze layer may
  • 06:29: not be enough and if Do you have more ganache cakes can chocolate covered more time decoration for
  • 07:02: I make cakes of ordinary melted especially chocolate Twirl the muzzle can be a few minutes freeze slightly refrigerator and ready ready mini cakes I passed on to beautiful dish up decorate cakes caramel cream of only one
  • 07:44: I have a biscuit get 4 elegant mini portioned this cake can treat please small another company parents or yourself well and according to tradition, I will show You Loose Cake biscuit turned Very fragrant with chocolate and caramel cream It melts in your mouth necessarily try
  • 08:16: prepare these cakes they are unique and stay in my channel, see Other Recipes and until we meet again