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New Year's herring salad and nuts  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I am Julia and This channel breakfast lunch and dinner today but it will prepare delicious salad herring maybe I can say that this is one of my favorite salads and how to make it and what look I will need mackerel marinated boiled egg mayonnaise homemade onion carrot Yet oil vegetable green onions and mushrooms and herbs nuts cook and went
  • 00:30: so we are going to fry vegetables one onion fry will be with one carrot and alone will fry Champignon [music] and until the vegetables and mushrooms fried will cut all rest ingredients and so eggs we need chop now we need to be crush a bit
  • 01:00: onions and greens and Add all this to the boiled eggs nuts, we need crushed heart me in this case it will mackerel cut into small pieces like the way marinate mackerel you always You can view my videos the way necessarily need make sure that no there was not a single
  • 01:30: bones and the chopped fish we send to the nuts and so forming a salad the first layer we It will fish and nuts [music] still dear friends I beg you not to be confused this is not a herring fur coat it is quite another Simply Salad used too either herring or mackerel next layer we will mayonnaise home
  • 02:00: [music] Put the top eggs which we have stirred with herbs and green onions impregnated with mayonnaise [music] Following is a carrot onions excess fat we pressed after we are fungi layer
  • 02:33: mushrooms we lubricates mayonnaise [music] and we will decorate onions and green nuts [music] salad preparation
  • 03:04: we finished it you can wrap cling film and put in fridge and naturally remove this film before It puts on the table I will be very happy if This salad will decorating your festive table I wish all pleasant appetite to go us more often and subscribe our channel to ambulances meetings until [music]