Raisa Karpyuk

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  • 00:00: at Hello hello to its channel I launches plots dedicated Skincare Today I will tell both from conventional products that are in your kitchen cook SuperMAZ as a scrub and we peeling It needs only only Tiwi banana and semolina
  • 00:30: groats kiwi contains great amount vitamin and fruit acids by which you can get rid of blackheads and lighten skin do skrabiki peeling I half we I knead fork here also add 2 teaspoons spoon mum cereals quickly things I stirred to semolina is not inflated because it is very quickly swells I put on clean face massaging seconds 30 40
  • 01:00: I want to say that after application to the you face Kiev you feel easy no tingling this frightened organic acid then we began to work all I wash off with cold water after such skrabiki need necessarily moisturize the skin nourishing cream But to get Peeling you the same mass just leave 10-15 minutes longer then all is well rinse with warm water,
  • 01:30: make such skrabiki It can be 1 time per week well, peeling it is desirable to do 1 once a month is now ready nutritious mass for all skin types mate mature banana I knead fork add half Kiev again knead fork it all mix well If you have dry skin add 1 to the tea spoon of oil grape seed or olive oil but since I have
  • 02:00: combination skin closer to fat, I do not Now add oil finished the young man a lot of on the face and neck avoiding contact the skin around the eyes and lips This mask is good enriches the skin nutrients refreshes feeds tones make it firmer I leave on face to completely dry then wash off all a cold water masochku better to do 1 every 2 weeks until till
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