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Boiled pork house. Boiled pork from a neck in the crock-pot. Boiled pork in a vetchinnitsa.  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today I am preparing a home boiled pork invite you do it with me if you've did you this recipe should I like to cook boiled pork will multivarka Redmond vetchinnitsy me it will need meat pork neck spices and garlic salt I take the neck kilogram 200 grams tablespoon salt of spices I
  • 00:31: black pepper cardamom and nutmeg walnut spice course can be taken in its I wish all well-mixed spices and sodium in meat meat we will marinate a few hours of its You can even leave at night cook for another
  • 01:01: day here so I'm good fluff oops spices smells like Garlic is also on I wish the number it is cut pieces and now I will do in the slot meat and paste here so I We need all the meat on all sides lard with garlic
  • 01:31: do it at all difficult thing to have You had a sharp knife and about a then made very summer hole conveniently inserted clove it did not even seen and so the circle with intervals to some of it I do now I turned
  • 02:13: the meat to another and on the other side side in the same way I I stick a garlic in general process cooking pork very light but as a result of get a very delicious and fragrant and
  • 02:43: baked meat can and of course, and bake here's a simple way just marinate put in a package baking and bake even though the oven multivarka but since I have vetchinnitsa it will help me to form the meat it It will be a little different then this form I also see the side
  • 03:13: I stick a few It can also be a man well if you festive version Now do the same way as I do garlic slices carrots then when cutting you the middle of the meat will be carrots meat I I am now prepared I need a bag pack It can be taken for both baking and for freezing it also suitable for this
  • 03:43: Vicenza dunii on meat the possibility of its best while also tamp
  • 04:15: this package to save juice so when close vetchinnitsu if you also noctule when you and close to the spring it is desirable that you attentively We look not I damaged package Place meat in a vetchinnitsu it to me it so for extruded and But in this form, I I put Treatment with meat refrigerate at least
  • 04:46: for 6 hours in order the meat well then it marinates in multivarka I will cook Seven hours I got meat which I already marinated pour a cup of water Multivarki milliliters to 400 coat well bottom I stack Martyr I stack on
  • 05:17: silicone mat I will cook boiled pork in the sub mode 1 hour 30 minutes complete my vetchinnitsy here is guide operating Here I take the recipes for the treatment of this one I baked ham recipe cook, too, from this booklet
  • 05:47: my pork prepared to have it me after the welded defended night in the cold indoors she was drawn cn Get video ham if you do not vetchinnitsy you can wrap the ham is not only package baking but also foil
  • 06:17: so juicy Vazhenina very fragrantly you see garlic there inside I got prepare try this delicious This recipe is not baked ham and cooked multivarka on mode soup is not dried
  • 06:47: get a very juicy and tasty meat I took 200 kilograms of him I 800 turned 12 grams natural delicious juicy home pork I say goodbye on this with you thanks that were with me, and looked up video until we meet again