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The RUSSIAN MAN ABOUT the SERFDOM In the Russian Federation. Melnichenko Vasily Aleksandrovich. - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Stavropol and all Russians after all are Russian boundless Russian space java limit of 3000 kilometers here and flew as like home and land issues property even injustice where do I say that if you fly east to I also take the land away
  • 00:31: species even with select wait for the village and those villages that are called Today disappeared is all our magnificent Russian space which we are now lose annually daily Russian all points and gritsya the family question here here , a talked about the rise
  • 01:03: property up to action but I'm you I'll say so I lose documents here only what they said before loses ground lose in the register when you need to rewrite property even rewrites history select property share this property block 1 and here's mine the opinion is enough complain about life government knives instead of believe it
  • 01:33: Do not interrupt before we will be quiet because what will be important statements I now heard how took the pancake extra law on to whom of which the whole brand is jaws screen people all came top this generally surprisingly yes you know my opinion
  • 02:03: such while could deputies at home in ass took this law seemed to know the brain already what to do here now the question is a how can I already seals do you gave a word which of course it will change and another can not be forgot to cancel
  • 02:34: there is a pit now ministries Agriculture Stavropol Territory as one official must submit to resignation [applause] 5th woman neither the servant did not die for of its owner
  • 03:04: that the people yes and why not too late I I always say everything can be changed and even have an evening girl got married the next morning I also did not develop because the law such a simple morning evenings are wiser create a right here
  • 03:34: the speaker said about Security Council when really interesting gorgs without practice you I confirm that 6 May 14 years and 24 a council was held security Vladimir Putin signed receipt the president Russian Federation development of rural small cities it is called wise demographic development all of me
  • 04:04: I assure you and send it to him say Putin is not again did not write development of a group of young and here it is written development of farming in rural cooperation all types including mts and everything else here it is written on that so that none the hospital was not closed that no school rural was not closed and Putin is confirmed on April 14
  • 04:34: 2000 is already 16 years old on personal meeting where he met with the people there can not be someone remembers this I just met when asked a question knowledge left hand president of what does right know Kyoto what programs are written 2020 is written the laws which contradict interests of the people I did not name people program for which sixteenth year
  • 05:05: close in russia 436 rural schools closes 316 hospitals and 215 children see for yourself internet look just remember we will clearly say everything is written in those laws programs are all nonsense nettop incentive to take any for the year contradicts interests in lilacs very right
  • 05:42: to say I had no list of orders president put guys honestly admitted in general then what is the grill plate I do not read it home in general, and so very a lot of many can talk Yes, it is not enough that there we hang up a commission yes there's no guys that document and it is necessary at all ask a gene to a deputy
  • 06:12: inside took the foot barrette to the governor which his sign a issued an order president does not Do you are delirious whether the state it is important and federal target program and everything in principle is normal reads like it would and subsidies subsidies all rather
  • 06:42: provided and valid is aimed at developing it is important for us their space excellent The space here people must live and flourish and really have the future is ours film every daughter grandsons and great-grandsons should have this earth in itself you I heading public federal movement network advise it we put sugar on
  • 07:14: volume by delivery because what we prepared there were documents who managed pass advice security instructions turned out regrettably instructions are not decelerated are being carried out throughout the country we need make everyone so live and commit and and then perform will happen economic miracle Russia because here in this room have now arrived the hero is not our time these are the people which creates
  • 07:45: gross national product that just fill our servants sit deputies and senators any measures were the door thanks for the vitalizer distinguished delegate mentality of package I should
  • 08:15: comply with regulations please like you agreed yes yes then you also know I'll tell you what we do really guys and if Guys, then we all on shoulder and public now gathered at the congress which decided to save the Russian village is well let's swear save Russian force, let's hotel
  • 08:49: / h so friends are our life short and sad in fact from that she is HIV yeah can and well shadhar from us it is necessary to hurry the truth is to be in time collection of the country on a piece we fight I that faith in himself
  • 09:20: beginning itself bark here even when they started all here we are and for sure also these today I fight and know when one different on drying our Christmas tree in the ninth year came again in the evening said well here the meeting brought together all decided again create rural large enterprise sits supra with his children grivna all children of money more there will not be a clearing at home forces are numerous and
  • 09:56: feeling justice we I can win, I will to handle organizers in number, let's all together we will create excellent document I can even take on this duty I personally transfer the president and and Russian federation [applause] distinguished delegates
  • 10:32: high timing of course gloomy friction