DIY clutch - bolso de mano con estuche de lentes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome steal or tutorial This tutorial will give you an idea of how we can make on their own handbags in a way their materials we need for this tutorial is a lens case with color white glue close your preferably hairspray accessory hanging scissors sponge multivu adhesives without heart jo
  • 00:39: the container that no longer scares me little bit and a little and started me and we have this house backs
  • 01:20: nato scuttle half
  • 02:47: We hope you know that to start the other half about 24 hours or stick the tape along the banks of
  • 03:43: closing pt goals lamented ornot closing this hanging fixture
  • 04:32: in this way we have them bags also to the other bag I will
  • 05:05: do is throw hairspray and With that we would be ending and We hope here to dry and
  • 05:35: we will have completed our bag this would be the end result to me personally I loved how it was I hope you have also liked and if you liked do not forget to subscribe to my IYC channel see you next video