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  • 00:00: Hello everyone! It's an "Easy to cook" channel" . Today we'll make my favorite salad "Russian Beauty" It's a taste of childhood. It's a first dish to eat on the table. 20 minutes and it's gone. The tastier is the food, the faster it's taken. All the links are under the video, loads of other salads for special events. The reciipe is below the video.
  • 00:49: We need a little bit of mayonnaise, 2 chicken breasts - they need to be boiled in salt to be delicious, marinated mushrooms, I have white mushrooms. Use any mushrooms you like. On my channel there's a wonderful recipe, how to pickle mushrooms at home. It is much cheaper, and it's so tasty! Even the brine is delicious, not onlt mushrooms.
  • 01:20: Several onions, (1-2 small,or one large), 3 boiled potatoes, 2 carrots and a slice of cheese. Choose the cheese with the mild taste. Chop finely the onions. Cover the onion with the water by half.
  • 01:53: When water covered onion, pour the same amount (about 100 ml) of 9% vinegar. Stir everything. While we will prepare everything else, onions will get marinated. Dice the chicken, as everything else.Only the vegetables will be grated. Dice the mushrooms.
  • 02:23: Mushrooms are ready. Now let's mix the salad. At the bottom we put chicken. The same amount all over the bottom. You can use a food container if you need to take it somewhere. Cover the meat with several spoons of mayonnaise.
  • 02:55: A layer of mushrooms, all at once. Divide them evenly. Now, the onion. Put into the colander, to get rid of water.
  • 03:25: Cover the mushrooms with the layer of onion. Don't overdo with mayonnaise and don't press too hard each layer.. Let it be airy. Grate the potato all over the onion.
  • 03:57: Grate straight onto the salad, otherwise it'll be as a glue. Don't press with hands. A thin layer od mayonnaise again. Grate the layer of carrots.
  • 04:32: Don't grate into the bowl first. I have a link for a salad "Furcoat". Grate everything straigt onto the salad. A thin layer of mayonnaise again. The last layer - is cheese. Grate it on top.
  • 05:10: Cover everything with cheese. A lot of cheese. Leave for two hours in the fridge. If you make it in the morning, you an eat at night. Putting into the fridge, wrap it, otherwise it'll lose its taste. For decoration you can use olives, cucumbers, tomatoes. I cut into 4 pieces tomatoes and place accurately on top.
  • 05:50: Decorate with mushrooms too. It may be made a crown. A "lawn of mushrooms". Don't forget the herbs (fresh).
  • 06:25: Sometimes I decorate with olives. Also, with pickled cucumbers. That's what we have. 2 hpous should be enough. Never decorate many hours before serving! Otherwise it won't look so fresh.
  • 06:59: Decorate 30 min before serving. Let's look at all the layers of salad. Look - meat, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, carrots and cheese. With a very small amount of mayonnaise, but with mushrooms and pickled onions we have a very juicy salad. Be sure to try it!
  • 07:33: Don't use lots of mayonnaise. Everyone likes this salad. It's one of the best. So, I will try some.
  • 08:10: Take a piece. Ohhhh, it's an incredible taste! I'm not exaggerating! It's delicious! I'll save some for my mum. I made this video for her.
  • 08:41: I'll finish the video when I eat my portion. I reccomend this salad for you and your friends. I share this recipe, because it's really delicious. Check out other salads for Christmas and holidays. Click on these icons and playlists, be sure to check. Also bake my tartlets. There is a video in the playlist.
  • 09:16: You can stuff them with the salad, that was left. Thank you for being with me today. Subscribe to my channel. Have good holidays. Bye-bye!