Galina Vorobeva

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  • 00:00: Hello famous cream Wrinkle which week smoothens the worst skin on note absorbed more than an hour long so they need
  • 00:30: use 2 hours to sleep first You see results Three days later the recipe simple and really magic 0 need 5 pieces fresh yolk 2 teaspoons almond oil may be replaced 1 teaspoon olive Spoon the marine food 2 teaspoons salt chamomile broth 1 tablespoon dry grass 200 milliliters of water boil for 15-20 minutes 05 tsp
  • 01:01: present honey 2 teaspoons cosmetic Vaseline is sold in any pharmacy mix carefully all spoon up smooth and so a few times that was homogeneous consistency store in a refrigerator light massage movements put on the skin after 30 minutes remove the remnants of cotton swab moistened mineral water to those who respect treats his skin cream should really like
  • 01:31: be beautiful good luck to all bye Bye