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  • 00:00: hello today I'll tell you all about the nuances cooking homemade marshmallow He prepares very just a taste delicious subscribe to channel and put husky share videos friends also add VKontakte and instagram and see recipe description below the video two medium apples remove the core and cut into small dice to the living leave because it is in it contains more all that pectin
  • 00:30: so necessary for Stabilization di ferro [music] We send apples add the pot I handful of cherries frozen and to pour a couple tablespoons water cook over medium heat to fruit softness [music]
  • 01:00: after that larded with apples cherry separating them from fluid that It was formed in cooking process and purees ruim all blender [music] then finished puree triturated through a sieve [music]
  • 01:30: now need to measure out 125 grams of mashed potatoes [music] add 100 grams sugar and put boil over medium fire waiting until the entire the sugar has dissolved and
  • 02:01: set aside capacity Next, you need to wait the mixture was cooled to best left at night in the cold to subsequently mashed well whipped prepare protein agate it to us you must take 6 May grams and add 75 gram of water reserve Agar for 10 minutes and the start time whipping look some consistency
  • 02:32: be mashed it is very important chilled puree a couple of minutes early whisk and a half egg white and then add remaining half whisk until stiff peaks on this we It needs about 10 minutes until whipped puree you need prepare piping bag with I use a nozzle closed star and parchment or silicone mat then you just do not It will be time for that
  • 03:03: as marshmallows hardens quickly [music] We reserve puree and go cook syrup Vagar add 180 grams put sugar boil over medium fire constantly stirring [music] note that after boiling mixture starts strong
  • 03:34: and foaming lifted by necessity reduce heat and go ahead stir cook syrup to 110 degrees if you do not thermometer not upset after about 5 minutes after boiling check the readiness syrup raise upwards spoon and you should see hanging from the syrup spoon stretching thread down [music] back to our
  • 04:06: mashed including the minimum speed mixer and pour a thin stream of syrup break of about five minutes until the when the mixer will it is difficult to get in the way I I use for preparation of marshmallow but planetary mixer you may use and ordinary manual all marshmallows ready for otsazhivaniya applying weight in
  • 04:36: piping bag and circular motion spiraling squeezing up zephyr [music] [music] now need to
  • 05:16: to ripen marshmallow it can need 12 to 24 hours after specified time sprinkle with marshmallows sugar and glue the two halves each other [music] Bon Appetit
  • 05:49: Be glad and satiated [music] [music] [music] [music]
  • 06:25: [music] [music]