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Cake the Red velvet with an unusual stuffing. A biscuit and cream - very simple recipe.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello in the comments you are asked to remove sponge cake recipe red velvet Today we bake it his gentle air biscuit and in combination This coffee with a raspberry sword to subscribe Canal place Huskies share video with friends added to the instagram and contact in capacity pour pre-sifted flour and sugar to the same We send soda salt and baking powder and dry ingredients
  • 00:34: It has to add only cocoa Shuffle all thoroughly whisk Further, we need egg vegetable oil without necessarily smell and fat yogurt concludes test preparation adding a red food dye I use gel
  • 01:04: dyes companies that product mix all ingredients mixer a few minutes look how rich red color we turned before baking We leave our dough at 10 minutes to soda It reacts with the yogurt Split mold bottom
  • 01:35: veiled as usual parchment paper Tank can not lubricate just after baking is necessary will go on the edge of the knife to separate the cake from the walls of the mold pour batter into it I in the form of Pikalov diameter 18 two centimeters approach, that is, half portions and when
  • 02:09: a temperature of 160 about 50 degrees minutes of time can It needs a little more or less than this depends on your oven readiness check toothpick if it dry leaves means biscuit ready for this cake left one serving test for interlayer I use cake cream on cream Curd cheese often just buy alim is adding of butter butter before whipping should
  • 02:40: be sure to room temperature to powdered sugar well It dissolved in the cream first, beat her with oil white hot it takes you minutes 5 and then add cream cheese mix it all up uniformity and
  • 03:24: It took one and a half on the cake cream servings prepare raspberry comfy for that we need only three components raspberry puree sugar
  • 03:54: and gelatin at first soak gelatin in water until it is swell we mix puree and sugar and put boil over medium bring to light Boiling give this the mixture to cool slightly and now we proceed gelatin put it on the small fire and all while stirring to dissolve it the time when all grains of gelatin dissolve the main in no case gelatin can not be boil otherwise it
  • 04:24: lose their gelling properties now there are well Stir gelatin berry puree so so he distribute evenly take split shape slightly smaller diameter than the one in
  • 04:54: which was baked biscuit and carpeted and food film since It is shown in the video, and pour almost ready comfy ship shape freezer for 30 minutes for that
  • 05:24: cake I made two cup of coffee came the long-awaited time of assembling the cake after baking and always wrapped biscuit in film and I lay on me refrigerator 4 chasa before the assembly for to increase in our form height I Cover the pot with a piece of paper you can also use cut a paper folder or, ideally, purchase confectionery
  • 05:54: store well acetate Yulin resulting in baking process top of the biscuit I cut off and each cake divided into two parts I always pick up the cake head over heels so the first cake he put that in later be the tip of the cake and accordingly he it should be the maximum level continue to apply the cream pastry bag You can do it a spoon and level it be sure to circle make a rim of
  • 06:24: cream as after we put raspberry confit after again goes biscuit covered cream but without confit further we place sponge cake Put the cream forming a circle cream and rim separating the film confit put it in Centre we cover it all
  • 07:27: and the remaining Korzh we send cold at least 2 hours after a specified time gat remove cake a sheet of paper and Getting cake alignment remember we cut
  • 07:57: top of the biscuit now it is our very even useful, we it should crumble and add the cream is can be cream boiled condensed milk with oil or ganache eg the exact ratio I I will not tell you guided by consistency mass It should be average density soft and it should It is convenient align cakes As always at the beginning
  • 08:38: are passed scraper screamo on the side of cake filling yourself depression and irregularities weight we Now we align cake called Potatoes usually it used under mastic further cover
  • 09:44: the top of the cake with cream and flatten it spatula from the center to the edges to facilitate their work buy turntable if suddenly you do not have violin or spatulas to align you You can easily be replaced their example great triangular before applying subsequent layer cake required well cool this time we do not
  • 10:32: We filmed the process Overcoating layer if you want look like this is this you help previous our videos there described in detail entire process also there There are a few recipes for creams cake alignment decorate with fruit and sweets and snowflakes mastic Bon Appetit
  • 11:14: Be glad and satiated