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  • 00:00: [music] welcome you to Channel prepare at home with you I Oksana Pashko today I am with you share recipes lettuce which is very delicious original also very easy preparing to eat beautiful name raffaello So for me the salad It needs meat from my pork but you can also take beef or chicken fillet egg mayonnaise, cheese pickled onion
  • 00:30: recipe pickled onions and mayonnaise I've got on the channel sunflower oil for frying pepper salt mustard and garlic first cut the meat into thin straw is such Straws should get meat on a hot
  • 01:00: pan pour sunflower oil I distribute it the surface is now here also spread Cut the meat and some of his fried all meat side I already have I fry it Salts little Berge even if the add Worcester good meat stirred doctor
  • 01:33: this salt and pepper Unlike so have it I already got these pieces have be meat to pan I shift in dish I take this dish in I'll be Now make a salad meat on a plate carefully distribute after meat from I cooled down, I I spread it onions and evenly distributed throughout the top surface
  • 02:03: a layer of meat and onions whether I wrapped with mayonnaise for salads and more then turned on each the egg must be cut exactly two and each half egg I share in the yolk, protein and separately I fold the yolks bead then knead I add the yolks garlic, squeeze it through chesnokodavku I'm a little yolks Salts
  • 02:36: and pepper and now knead with a fork terrible bruised warmer and here also add 2 tablespoons tablespoons mayonnaise this I knead the whole mixture until smooth consistency cooked egg mixture I stuffed squirrel the remaining yolk I spread a mixture on top of the meat stuffed squirrel
  • 03:10: yolk mixture I spread evenly over salad trying their spread across lettuce surface I rubbed cheese on fine grater now I I take silicone brush and daubed all the salad on top mayonnaise brush to do most convenient If you do not have silicone brush can take advantage of spoon and sprinkle
  • 03:44: salad with grated cheese since eggs have lubricated and mayonnaise tass cheese to them very It adheres well this delicate sprinkle with grated cheese salad is already possible bring to the table prepare this raffaello salad and it will use real success if you like put this recipe Like subscribe
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