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HOW to bleach TULLE by means of ZELENKA? TULLE WILL be as new.  See details »

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  • 00:00: this method just to whiten she had the original let white start first thing in the we will need to 2 described in warm water so the two hours have passed some water directly from the I now we need to drain this water is now I pour hot water
  • 00:30: and to washing I have here a powder and this will erase Now we have this water
  • 01:00: merge it very dirty you rinse cape using cool water to get rid from the mud I pour hot water I add there again washing powder to immerse our curtains and leaving number 2 is now I pull out after two
  • 01:30: We get hours and tulle this water rinse I merge all clean I rinse and tulle we do now now we will need normal salt large and Zelenka add to conventional warm water three tablespoons salt and a few drops zelenki 2 3 all possible it carefully
  • 02:03: stir and put to our what leave for 2-3 minutes but constantly flips after they two the minute you lay there
  • 02:34: skin and often We rinsed with all our tampering ended after all these works yellowing even here you've seen it all was before your eyes steel as new It means salt imparts elasticity and brilliant green originally white I think not armed eye can see that they We began as a new right as if they know just now I bought I do not know you is not seen but I can see the result Now and rinsed
  • 03:04: dry them so now I not hung to dry I know one can see on the right result they were solid pure white straight, I do not know how explained the camera can be it is not sent they dry very quickly so I do not there began to hang out somewhere in the dryer on street and so there they have so that all Thank you for attention I hope you I liked this method of bleaching and traditions white tulle
  • 03:36: and if you have some of his retseptiki such interesting tips that let me know everything Thank you for attention all bye bye all the curtains in my ready and hung not only their stroking and because they do not I know how to iron so that if you have some of his advice then let me know thanks for all attention to all until till