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Cookies via the meat grinder on mayonnaise  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today we will prepare cookies through mincer mayonnaise on, I found the their old records This recipe is very once it has been popular and remember now cookies will delicious for cooking cookies that we You need to pack margarine fat at I have here 75 shock percent fat and he was equal to the glass
  • 00:31: sugar packet of mayonnaise Ratio of vanilla sugar 4 cups flour 2 I have three eggs because that small half teaspoon baking soda extinguished vinegar the first thing mix I broke 3 egg bowl roll package Sahara cup sugar
  • 01:04: solid chub level in I have an old well also useful to add 200 seats Mayonnaise is also necessary
  • 01:37: take the fat that's 72 percent We mix it all all turned we have a homogeneous mass vsyp little flour mix I do not forget soda add half teaspoon baking soda to extinguish
  • 02:09: vinegar kneaded in the end is already on
  • 02:40: brown the Dough got such Soft and inside it should be here is Now before I loose I heat up the oven Place the dough in refrigerator here is adaptation from the Soviet time of this formochka that through mincer scroll it biscuit so this part of the box and paste
  • 03:14: mold I insert a piece of dough or there went here such small pieces 1 and in the pan squeeze
  • 03:49: but if there are no forms just an hour bring your grill large openings and such and lumps lazhi laid on baking and all too It will be good length Now this cookie Lyuba so disgusted
  • 04:30: filled go than in the oven 180 190 degrees cookies baked 10 minutes, but time will pass for us insensibly cookies speckle ruddy and beautiful if someone seems like little sugar very sweet here
  • 05:01: although enough sugar can be sprinkled icing sugar visit my channel cook place with I enjoy appetite