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Russian salad with language - New Year's salad - Recipes for New year 2017 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi friends today I'm with you prepare wonderful New Year's dishes none of the festive the table does not do without of this dish Olga 's home- style We will prepare by adding nonclassical sausages chicken and with the language to us
  • 00:30: beef will be needed boiled tongue Boiled potatoes 250 grams carrot a decoction of 110 grams light-salted cucumber 110 gram 4 chicken eggs and 100 grams of peas well what shall we do ? the first thing to us need this chop all the vegetables cubes fall asleep 100 grams
  • 01:35: green peas tongue slice [music] a pretty tongue is brewed just about about three seconds half hours in depending on the language that is, these languages about one kilogram warez I have three seconds half an hour for half an hour before graduation cooking we add salt bay leaves and
  • 02:05: sweet pea you can even add garlic for flavor it's just like that we are brewing a language of 200 gram of language with us will go our salad Olivie cut this cube made for can send pepper and the mayonnaise moment
  • 02:37: many do not give it all number of us need 80 grams [music] do not completely cut we leave here such beautiful slices in order to submit on samtsov call in the middle
  • 03:07: our mold and we serve our delicious aliess language you can class some in pialochki but that each housewives should be some kind of your own raisins in the form of square molds round and so Further [music] this tongue
  • 03:38: we cut it down from above to our delicious salad Olivie decorate our Olivier beautiful branches green onions Well, the most delicious home olivier with boiled tongue ready to serve
  • 04:08: his festive the table I congratulate you on upcoming new year, I wish all happiness of love of kindness subscribe to my channel put your fingers up all bye bye before new meetings [music]