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  • 00:00: overeating volumes of their graves it's best to connect them in Oceania consider this technique for example fishnet xx hexagons in order to connect them I am among hall 1
  • 00:33: remember 6 and honesty and in the second hexagon Netanyahu last number at the end and now I'll give it to not take at the same time prefecture no six I'll show you ways to think the connection it assets Getting the latest version of the recognition for this so Oriental
  • 01:03: Office arm Hexagon whom I will be glad join and a barge chants to the point where you want to make opinions network obligation to connect drinks I see the fallen the last act we are actively according to exchange rate
  • 01:35: Kobia forgotten column with one in Cyprus and further Join now the first match in Kiev who has her point of view necessity to make a connection using clinic Research Institute so repeated editions until will not be fully connected by that our mother kiev
  • 02:06: and in this format imax united fully then I can continue description this gene how necessary it is to make dollars floors but lack of this planet is that compound is convex to 09
  • 02:36: fix it we can use second way Connect motives he was a little more laborious but this bought therefore dismiss the fact that if I just hall possessing 5 so senior 3 and peak air Qatar supposed to get rubles take two hands
  • 03:09: another motive Now shouted pc pull out of the loop and put forward his actions of the cube where we want to join again determine the chants thrown loop relatives and price them connecting Pikin impact striking Cole Suvorov the last period of our banknotes FIFA I
  • 03:39: procedure nonce is akin to a dead end on the layout again making connections throwing loop I put on the hook to a dead end where I want yum join then his couch in an abandoned and pentium UAH radiation connection Speaker and then again conductor
  • 04:09: Theater last mother Kiev 0 Compound again done exactly the same way Well, it seems as long as there will be but note based on compound performing a second process the ability to markedly than first
  • 04:41: recognition of the last two periods forever Makeyev finished they are already the last month, and now we need to proceed to the design of the third match in over the latter referring to join office work in the other match of the group second penny complex out of Cairo immediately for the period He writes edition inserts stalls subscribe second channel ITV and feet
  • 05:11: considerable actually explain it difficult do not judge me growing point yes new