Cultivation of a petunia from seeds chast8  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I came in August season ends and I would like to draw some of the results we very grateful to all audience with the gardeners who shared their success We have not asked questions So after all case of failure and that's just on this
  • 00:30: I would like to stay more detail Donati recall basic moments What we are beginning we We begin to choose seed seeds on the market lots of competition is high modern the price is very photo it is difficult to surprise with something brand new and if such a small order a very successful appears that believe me it can not can be cheap buy and the same price 37a Braga and drink 5 seeds
  • 01:01: the case of expensive see seeds small number are to make all the same A bit more attention and diligence in order to get a good plant where the Elegant vases like if the photograph we were able to choose good seed we can trap other dangers it is also a choice soil very responsible event because that up to 80 percent failures associated with both time
  • 01:33: selection of quality soil suitable details on how we choose the ground We mentioned in the first but part of our lessons I want to remind the most Groote is good universal to It is based on peat can be lowland and passenger without unnecessary additives if you remember Larvae on Statement championship or flies out of his gate or increased what and you put it
  • 02:03: It can only mean but used not the first time and there You can meet all anything until diseases so should not use only checked SMIC and suppliers the following paragraph is sowing time what we showed in our lessons is attitude to northwest perhaps other areas can be sow before for northwest planting petunias not until March if hurry and
  • 02:33: sow before seven on that can be acquired a lot of problems appreciate that the timing flowering and worsen the quality of seedling slightly Thank late than amass a lot of this is due to problems with primary options cultivation temperature and light at this time has not yet enough natural lighting and if you is not equipped some places germination is better not
  • 03:03: rush We have already recommended you have you have the backlight which will give us guaranteed the result but you you can come up something of their own, and if there is insufficient illumination should be provide more low temperature of course otodvinemsya about germination but you You can avoid pulling seedlings not forget about humidity detail we We are talking about this our previous lessons and that's the case seeds with granules
  • 03:33: Humidity is very important seeds in grams sows easier but you do not It requires more careful care it turned out that the most A common mistake in the time of germination the so-called sticks in caps what it means is means that sharply changing humidity time of germination and germ can not lose one louder important point volume capacity in which you grow seedlings
  • 04:04: at each stage Sprouts require their own capacity it is not necessary to plant small I have placed at large capacity is there just lost difficult to monitor humidity and at the same time when you are forming already flowerpots ready seedlings and overloading his zone so that the power enough for the whole season every gardener certainly has its own experience should carefully observe your pets look like
  • 04:35: there are different growth and condition plant growth certainly every has its own experience and the plant itself tell him that they need to have enough that he lacks proceed respectively, to looks like your feed such as plant stretched or pale leaves or behind the flowers occurs late it means necessary find out why failure diet ie watching
  • 05:05: plants and do his own benefits that because each every occasion impossible to recommendations each year is different from previous and later The situation can be very difference in different years It requires different input note here all these plants grown without any Super tricks and starting materials the most important thing application ahead of May
  • 05:36: low technology fertilizer clean priming healthy seedlings it is important that good results achieved with minimum costs any miracle tablets or any drugs only monitoring and right technology Now a little bit of summer
  • 06:11: events like a little more in detail more to say to this Pour ozone and hose or and pour warm up surface process Opaleva very little clod of earth compacted that can may occur expose you to the roots plants that best It affects the quality and plants that need to do need to take a little bit of soil and sprinkle on top so the roots were closed and grandfather provide
  • 06:41: good nutrition and and good growth some varieties the growth process It requires the formation of Here's an example of the bush Ningbo plant series They are very compact and throughout they are in season compactness but there remain varieties that can going to get out or require in him and we look at
  • 07:17: example before her easy enough much yet see victory very strong stretched but it can correct pruning These ponies have here long we just delete and in parallel, we can create a worship what we He wants his ball his house or as only hurt to give Another deck
  • 07:47: forms in this case, begin to develop outlets in Armenia the plant will take the legs world of forms well all rest Events layout possible replanting some other plants that All your item fantasy sometimes it turns out and quite a masterpiece so we in this completing the cycle of lessons growing petunia seeds if
  • 08:17: you have any wishes learn that other plants cultivation of subtlety or even some no comments Please contact us we bad