How to grow up house mint for several days! Layfkhak from the Marmalade Fox!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends we are visiting marmalade and foxes I'm in this thing here is such gloves will do gardening I will plant the mint I know that the seeds unclear somewhere 100 parts of the seed is not always work cultivate good especially plant home because we are cheat a little bit and so the trick thing is we just go on The market is some good grandmother is sells beautiful
  • 00:31: fresh bunches of mint buy one bundle and then come home and cut off tips and set mint water, but that's to be pour a little that it does not decay and a few day 3-4 days to this need you have here will such roots in the mint and we simply can safely planted in the ground and she herself will grow
  • 01:01: Here's what we'll do, I already spread ground land pot make such deep pits and will shove back his I have been using mint ready-mix universal primer You can buy or seedling but you can just dial somewhere in the land Forest then try find land that
  • 01:31: live mole it's so black top is very loose and is now well prepared It left to pour it Vodicka and all to put on windowsill but not under the direct sunlight and then it will be possible little by little pluck currently leaves and they new ones will grow here is the magic way we formed a great mint bush
  • 02:01: I hope that you I liked it and will very pleased with you try and unsubscribe to all comments you good until Hello dear and friends in gastrofarm Come and fox Today our video It will be devoted gardening and the person has forgotten