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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, dear friendship with you channel stop through I think that many of you ever wanted to plant at home something unusual exotic whether it's orange mandarin lime lemon yes anything but many changed their minds consider this impossible this is already many times
  • 00:30: tried to express similar but then I was a little shit wrong and of course I have nothing it turned out but Now I want to overcome it again I can my very favorite fruit from citrus fruits this is a tangerine expensive friends are the most common mandarin bought a store I I do not know what it is I'm not understand it in the In general, and not the main thing the main thing for us now grow it and the first thing we need do it clean its from the peel and it's me
  • 01:01: will do scalpel so I cleaned it now you need to choose
  • 01:31: ossicles seeds need to take the biggest are 7 by 7 the likelihood that they will come more and so expensive my friends, I chose most large seeds of them I'm here 11 pieces I I think that's enough and now we need them soak well of course you can plant them immediately in but in this case will have to wait longer and there will be little
  • 02:01: probability is that they will rise in the general choose yourself as shovel as you like I will choose the first way and that is I have them I will soak for to soak We need to take a plate or the like I took the usual plastic cover also we need any lightweight fabric she missed the air shifting the seeds
  • 02:32: cover them with a cloth and fill it with water gaining patience and forward to supporting humidity but not
  • 03:03: strong fill with water so how can they bend and we will wait while they do not poke through then there do not appear green sprouts and the stress of this seed in general we will check every day whether they have risen or not and we will not forget about humidity I do not know after what time they must go to indicate it can be on differently in general I
  • 03:33: I will continue everything when they will come to me for now, bye I again with you friends about two I have already been weeks began to doubt but all the same waited and here literally the day before yesterday passed through first seeds and I still waited a bit and did not go through in general 6 seeds and I decided that it's time to plant a plant I I'll be so far like this
  • 04:03: small pots if it goes I will go well further and transplanted into larger for now will come down and such here I am I prepared everything here pebbles for drainage this is when pebbles stand for one the pot is the earth about the land you are her can buy in ordinary flower shop there special land together with fertilizers Well and so on well
  • 04:34: good land and can make her themselves since he did I can also look in internet how to do the most good land but I did it my way I prepared her about 50 percent of the usual land that I took from gumba 25 percent river sand and 25 percent of manure is all individually thoroughly mixed removed from debris on you I also turned
  • 05:06: sand type the gap there all the sweat all this mixed up accommodated in general this here is the earth let's move on to landing to start laying stones to the bottom of the pot then fall asleep with earth let's make dimples
  • 05:41: and in every pot I soot suspension seeds I not ordering will arise but for greater success two and fill it with water also watered killed humus for soil enrichment different sorts necessary
  • 06:12: substances but his dear friends it seems to be all remains now water and wait is not I know what will turn out raise normal large good tree in general if something I will get I will definitely take off video will show you how u I got it all bye It remains only to wait and believe that everything It turns out if you
  • 06:43: wanted the same thing well spend and also put something on home and do not be afraid all the same nothing lose if you need it interesting do it a it's time to say goodbye if you like this video then put it like and do not miss new videos subscribe thank you all for viewing all the luck all bye